Sunday, September 18, 2011

Latah County Fair

Yesterday we went to the County Fair in Moscow. It was a lot of fun. I got pretty worn out real quick though! One thing I'm really looking forward to when I have the baby is getting my energy back! I was exhausted, but we had sooo much fun!
 Of course the kiddos loved looking at the animals. I'm glad that they are animal lovers like their momma! :)

 Here are my 3 kids looking at the trains! :)
 When we started going on the rides we ran into Matthew and Kaity's friends! Matthew went to school with Brooke and she has a little sister Kaity's age and they all get along so well together! So we rode some rides with them. Matthew and Kaity had so much more fun with them there.

 I very rarely get a picture of Matthew with an actual true smile, but in the picture below you can see his true smile! I love it! 

 Then later we ran into Cami, Livia, and Sydney. Matthew is old enough now to ride on some of the big boy rides and he wanted to so badly. But Kaity is too little to ride on them, and I couldn't ride on them being pregnant, and Jeff couldn't ride on them because he gets motion sickness really bad. So I was glad that Livia and Sydney showed up to go with him.
 This is the ride that he decided to ride on! It was so scary for me though! They don't get strapped in or anything. You just hold on the bar with your hands and there is something between your legs by your knees to keep you from sliding backwards! I guess its not that scary, but it was for me.

 Here he is right after he got off of the ride! He had a TON of fun, but he said he was cold afterwards.

 We got this pin that shows how big a baby's feet are at 10 weeks old in the womb. So I hooked it on my shirt! :)
 We also played some games to get prizes. As soon as Kaity and I saw this Unicorn we knew that we had to get it! :) It reminded me of the movie "Despicable Me" when that little girl got a unicorn at the carnival, and then she said "It's so FLUFFY!" So after she got it, I got her to say "It's so FLUFFY!" It was funny! I'm glad that we finally got it! :)

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