Thursday, September 29, 2011

38 Weeks 4 Days

This week the baby is 38 weeks 4 days. I had a another ultrasound today. The baby was measuring about 7 lbs 15 oz. His head measured about 40 weeks 0 days, his tummy measured 39 weeks 4 days, and his height was measuring 36 weeks 4 days. So he's gonna be my short fat baby boy! :) He is still very healthy. He doesn't move very much anymore, but that's just because there isn't any more room for him. My Dr. told me yesterday that if I hadn't had a c-section before, than he would have induced me this week. Since I had a c-section before they can't induce because it could make my scar burst! :( So if I haven't had the baby yet by my due date (October 9th) then I will have to have another c-section. :( At least I am almost done. I'm very ready to meet this little guy! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

37 Weeks 4 Days

I had another ultrasound this week. Everything still looks good and healthy. He is still a VERY active baby! Neither of my other kids ever moved this much. Its fun but can be painful at times. 
Here is a profile of the little guy.
 Here is a shot of his fingers holding onto his foot and his toes are close to his mouth, like he's sucking on his toes. It was pretty fun to watch him do this.
Here, his face is looking right at us and his hands are right in front of his mouth.
 Here he is looking right at us again, but his arms are crossed in front of his chest.
 and here he is looking right at us and hands are right under his chin.

They measured him this time and his head and tummy were measuring around 39 weeks (Big Boy) but his height is measuring at 36-37 weeks. So he's gonna be my short, fat little man! :) He was measuring about 8 pounds 1 oz. (give or take a pound). I'm excited to meet this little guy! It could be anytime now! Come on Ty! I'm ready! :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

37 Weeks 0 Days

My mom asked for another picture to show how enormous I've gotten. So here ya go mom! :)
Last week at my last ultrasound, my technician finished checking my amniotic fluids early so just for fun she did a quick measuring of the baby. Which I have been DYING to know how big this little boy has gotten. His body length was measuring 37 weeks (Which was a few days big. No big deal.) and his head and tummy were measuring 38 weeks 1 day (Which was over a week big. Still not that big of a deal, but its nice to know.) So he was about 7 pounds on Thursday! So he's measuring pretty much on track. I have another ultrasound on Thursday and they are going to measure him again and see how fast he's growing and if we need to do anything early. The only scary part was that the umbilical cord was up by his neck. So my technician took some pictures of it so everybody knows that its there and can keep that in mind. The end of this pregnancy is almost over and the beginning of raising a newborn baby boy is almost here! Its exciting and scary at the same time! :)

Latah County Fair

Yesterday we went to the County Fair in Moscow. It was a lot of fun. I got pretty worn out real quick though! One thing I'm really looking forward to when I have the baby is getting my energy back! I was exhausted, but we had sooo much fun!
 Of course the kiddos loved looking at the animals. I'm glad that they are animal lovers like their momma! :)

 Here are my 3 kids looking at the trains! :)
 When we started going on the rides we ran into Matthew and Kaity's friends! Matthew went to school with Brooke and she has a little sister Kaity's age and they all get along so well together! So we rode some rides with them. Matthew and Kaity had so much more fun with them there.

 I very rarely get a picture of Matthew with an actual true smile, but in the picture below you can see his true smile! I love it! 

 Then later we ran into Cami, Livia, and Sydney. Matthew is old enough now to ride on some of the big boy rides and he wanted to so badly. But Kaity is too little to ride on them, and I couldn't ride on them being pregnant, and Jeff couldn't ride on them because he gets motion sickness really bad. So I was glad that Livia and Sydney showed up to go with him.
 This is the ride that he decided to ride on! It was so scary for me though! They don't get strapped in or anything. You just hold on the bar with your hands and there is something between your legs by your knees to keep you from sliding backwards! I guess its not that scary, but it was for me.

 Here he is right after he got off of the ride! He had a TON of fun, but he said he was cold afterwards.

 We got this pin that shows how big a baby's feet are at 10 weeks old in the womb. So I hooked it on my shirt! :)
 We also played some games to get prizes. As soon as Kaity and I saw this Unicorn we knew that we had to get it! :) It reminded me of the movie "Despicable Me" when that little girl got a unicorn at the carnival, and then she said "It's so FLUFFY!" So after she got it, I got her to say "It's so FLUFFY!" It was funny! I'm glad that we finally got it! :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Matthew's Second Lost Tooth

This tooth was loose the same time that the other bottom tooth was loose. So we have been waiting for this one to fall out for ever! It took so long because Matthew doesn't like to wiggle it. He just says that it'll come out all by itself. So we just waited. Well, it got so loose. It didn't know what was holding it in. So I told Matthew that I just wanted to wiggle it and when I touched it, it fell out in my fingers. Matthew didn't even notice that it fell out. I told him to try and wiggle it and he tried, but he couldn't find it. So I showed him the tooth and he was shocked! He kept asking how I did it! It was funny! He looks so cute now with his two bottom teeth missing! Its funny how missing teeth makes him look so much older! :)

Baby Shower

My Mom came down and threw me a great baby shower last weekend. It turned out great. We had lots of snacks and games to play. I recieved a lot of great gifts. I'm beginning to feel ready for this baby! :) Thanks again Mom and Cami and Tara!

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Baby Swing

I got my baby swing in the mail today. It was a gift from my parents. I absolutely LOVE it! The fabric is so soft and its the kind of swing that swings back and forth and side to side! it looks so comfy, I wish I had one my size! :)

Here's a shot of it facing the other direction.
 I can easily take the tray off of the front if I want to, also.

I can't wait to start using it! Thank you so much Mom and Dad!! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Pillow Blanket

I started this blanket a long time ago. Way before I knew what I was having. So that's why it is pink and blue. To make this blanket I first had to make all the little pillows! So each square is separately stuffed. Then you sew all the pillows together. Then I added some batting (so you can't feel the seems underneath from the pillows) and the back fabric. Then you sew on the binding all the way around! I also tied it in a few places to help keep the batting in place! If you're a good sewer, this probably wouldn't take very long at all, but for me, it was pretty hard! I'm just glad its done! :)

 This pictures shows the fluffy individual pillows!
Here's the back!

Kaity's First Day of School

 Yesterday was Kaity's first day of school. She was so excited to go. She showed me an old picture of herself and told me she wanted her hair just like that. So I copied the picture and made her hair super curly, and she was very insistant that she wanted to wear her Rapunzel shirt. It was cute that she knew exactly what she wanted. Her class doesn't start until 12:30 so all morning she was talking about going to school and how excited she was. She was such a poser for the pictures too! :)

 Then when we got here, her classroom door, you could tell that she was getting very nervous!
 On Parent's night, Jeff colored her a picture with a message for her and put it in her cubby. She was so excited to find it when she got to school. I think it really helped her!
Here we were waiting for everybody to get there so that class could start.
 When it was time for me to go, Kaity gave me the biggest hug and said, 'I'm gonna miss you, mommy!' It totally broke my heart. I never wanted to leave her after that! This is how I looked by the time I got to the car! :(
 When I went to go and pick her up she was happy and having fun! She can't wait to go again.