Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Love You.................

.........Thiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssss Much Mommy! :)

He was just being so dang cute! I took some random pictures of him. 

He has so many different facial expressions. I love capturing them! He is such a smiley baby! :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

5 Months

We made to Tyler's 5th month already! The time is just flying by! I can't believe how big he is getting! He weighs 14 pounds and 14 ounces and he is 25 1/2 inches long. He is growing so fast and he is very healthy and strong. He is learning very quickly that if he cries someone picks him up. He still doesn't sleep through the night but he goes right back to sleep after he eats. He is still all smiles and his favorite thing to do is watch Matthew and Kaity try to make him smile. They do some pretty goofy things trying to get a giggle from little Ty Ty! Ty is so curious about things. He is always looking around and soaking everything up. Sometimes he won't take a nap because I assume he is too afraid to miss something that is going on! He is just so alert!

He sat up all by himself from the laying position. He is getting so big!

Right after this picture I couldn't get him to stop grabbing the paper, so picture time was over! :)

Rice Cereal

We introduced Tyler to rice cereal this month as well. He seemed to like it the first time, but we haven't had much luck with it since. So I decided to wait another month or so for him to be more ready. But we got some cute pictures of his first time.

Here we are getting ready for it. All smiles.

He keeps opening his mouth for more! 

Learning how to use the spoon

"Give me a kiss, Mommy!"

Of course Kaity was close by for a picture! She never goes too far away from Tyler! She is such a good second Mommy!

I just had to add this photo! His eyes are so wide! :)

First Bottle (With Water)

We gave Tyler his first bottle during his 4th month. It just had water in it. He seemed to like the water but he wasn't too fond of the bottle. All he really did was chew on it. He wouldn't ever suck. Same thing he does with pacifiers. Which really sucks. Its a good thing I don't work and he is forced to take a bottle. I think he would starve to death.
Jeff is such a proud Daddy!


He grabbed it and held it all by himself! It was really cute.

Tyler News

Tyler was as cute as ever during his fourth month. He was learning to put weight on his legs (and loving it) and he was all smiles. He loves it when people look and smile at him. He loves attention.

Kaity likes to get ahold off the camera and take pictures of Tyler. Every once in awhile she gets a really cute one!

He has been practicing laying on his tummy and reaching and grabbing for toys! He is my only baby that actually likes it on his tummy!

Here are a few of Kaity's pictures! She did a really good job with these pictures.

He has also been practicing sitting up with support, and getting pretty good at it. He still slouches forward, but he is getting better!

All I want... ...Is My Two Front Teeth

 I have been so busy lately that I am over a month behind on pictures. So I have a lot of catching up to do. Lets start with Matthew! He finally lost his first front tooth. He was so excited to have lost this one! He looks so cute with it gone! It makes him look so much older!
A little while later, he lost his other front tooth. Now he is missing both of the top front teeth. It is so funny to listen to him talk and he likes to stick his tongue out through the gap in his teeth. He cracks me up.

During dinner time he did this all on his own. He put some peas where his teeth should go and said look at my new teeth Mommy! I couldn't stop laughing. It was too cute!

Kaity wanted her picture taken, too! She didn't want to be left out!