Friday, October 31, 2008

Kibbie Dome Trick-or-Treating!

We had our first trick-or-treating on Thursday at the Kibbie Dome! It was a small little thing, but it was fun! It was Kaity first time really! It took Kaity a long time to warm up to the idea, but as soon as she noticed that it was candy that all the starngers were giving her then she did a little better! Hopefully she does good today (Halloween)! There was also a cookie walk! We were in the first group when they first started it. The very first two winners of the night was first Kaity and then the second round Matthew won! Funny, huh! What are the chances! It was pretty busy, too! There was a person on every number!

Playing in Leaves!

Our apartment maintenance crew came and raked all of leaves and apples that were in our yard so we decided to go and play in them and spread them back out! This was the first time Kaity has ever played in a pile of leaves! She was a bit nervous at first! She didn't want to touch them really, but she acidentally fell in them while trying to pick up a leaf and then she started to get into it! Then we went and got Matthew from school and came home and both of them played in the leaves! They had a lot of fun together!

Pumpkin Carving!

We finally got our Pumpkins carved on Wednesday! 2 days before Halloween! We were cutting it close! We had our friend Zana over that night and she carved a pumpkin with us! It was a lot of fun! Jeff and I shared our pumpkin since I couldn't really do any of the cutting with my messed up finger!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heather's Accident!

Last night Heather was gathering clothes up to do laundry and she was pushing a laundry basket between my bed and closet door. I knew that it was going to be a tight fit so I was going to push really hard so it would just go through really quick, and when I wen t to push it, my fingernail got caught on my bed frame! My acryllic nail is what got caught and since its so strong, instead of bending or breaking, it just ripped off and took my real nail with it! My fingernail got completely ripped off! The only part that was still connected was by the cuticle! In the video you can see me moving my nail and its not just the acryllic nail, its my real nail almost completely ripped off! OUCH!! It hurt so bad! The doctor said that it will definately fall off, but it will take probably 2 weeks for it to fall off! Then MUCH longer for the new nail to grow out again! : (

Making Messes!

Yesterday I was doing dishes and I was in the kitchen for like three minutes and when I came out of the kitchen, Kaity had everything out of the entertainment center and spread it out all over the living room floor! I couldn't believe how fast she did it! Matthew was at school at the time so he wasn't there to police Kaity's actions! He usually likes to follow Kaity around and make sure that she doesn't get in any trouble! If she's doing something that she's not supposed to do then he grabs her hand and drags her to me! We're trying to break that habit!!

Talking On The Phone!

Kaity has been picking up some of my habits as you can tell! She now knows how to dial and call someone all by herself!! : ) Just kidding, but she does like to pretend! I can tell the future, she's really going to rack up my phone bill!! Shes already practicing! She started laughing when she noticed that she got caught! She's definately my little girl!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Time!

Yesterday was a pretty nice day! It was a chilly fall day but it wasn't too cold! I bundled the kids up and we played outside in the leaves! This was the first time Matthew actually posed for the camera! He usually gets annoyed when the camera is up! So I took advantage of it and took a lot of pictures! He was bieng such a poser! I told him to go sit in the leaves and he got in that position all by himself! Kaity is another story! She had just woken up from her nap, so she wasn't quite as smiley!


My dad came to visit this week to see the grandkids! We haven't gotten a chance to make it to Priest River to see him since he got home from Kentucky so it was really fun being able to see him! Matthew remembered him right away and clung to him the whole two days! He would even hang on to his crutch so that he couldn't ever leave! I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but he's got the biggest smile on his face! He was laughing very hard!
Kaity on the other hand had a harder time getting used to Pappaw! I don't think that she remembered him very well! When she first saw him she would scream and cling to my neck for dear life! It was funny! I loved the hugs though! When she finally warmed up to him she didn't want anybody else! She just wanted Pappaw! She was constantly hugging him and grabbing his legs while he tried to walk! It was a fun visit! We all loved seeing him! Matthew and Kaity still ask for him! Can't wait until Halloween when Mammaw and Pappaw come up and visit again!

Matthew Playing Wii!

Matthew loves playing the Wii Fit! He does pretty good at most of the time too! His favorites are hitting the soccer balls game, the ball and table game, and Wii Sports Baseball! He such a cutie when he concentrates on something! He sticks his tongue out and sometimes he bites it, just like Pappaw!

Matthew's New Look!

Matthew has gotten to where he likes to go to the bathroom all by himself, even though hes not very good at it! The other day I got him out of rest time looking like this! He put his pants on and then he put his pull-up on! He was so proud of himself for doing everything all by himself!

Friday, October 3, 2008

On Campus!!

Today, the kids and I wanted to suprised Jeff when he got out of his class so we went on campus and waited for him him! He loved it! He had about an hour to wait until a meeting that he had so we just hung out on campus! The kids saw this wall thing and Matthew went right for it and climbed up it, like a true boy! Shortly after, Kaity followed him! The first picture is Matthew giving Kaity kisses! I know its hard to tell! They have so much fun together!

Mouse Eating!

Here's a cute story! Yesterday we got Matthew this new truck and car set for being such a good boy lately and for staying dry at school all week. He really loves it! Then we went to Pizza Hut for dinner last night and in their quarter machines you could get little rubber mice! He went nuts for it! Ever since his cousin Sydney got a pet rat (Norwegian Long-Tailed Hamster), Matthew's been really into mice and small rodents! Then this morning he was playing with his new toys while Jeff and I were still sleeping (because we don't like to get up at 6:30!!)! He came running into our room all excited yelling "Mommy, Mommy Come Here!" So I crawled out of bed and followed him thinking that he needed a new cartoon or more cereal or something. Then he started saying "Mouse Eating!" I looked and he had dumped his cocoa puffs into his truck and set the mouse inside and then shut the door so the mouse couldn't escape! He was so proud of himself that he made his mouse eat and fixed up the truck as a cage! It was so cute that I had to a picture of it, even at 6:30 in the morning!! This was just proof that I need to get him a pet!! Maybe I'll sneak and get him a real mouse or something! Who knows!!

Bedtime Cartoon!

The other night we had some friends over and the kids still wanted to watch their bedtime cartoon, so I went and put them on our bed and turned on the cartoon. I came back to check on them and Matthew had covered them both up with our blanket and had turned out the lights and shut the door! It was just really cute! When I put them in there I didn't expect them to actually stay there! Matthew takes very good care of Kaity! They love each other so much! Its fun to watch them play together!