Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well, we finally found a Wii Fit!!!! Yaaaay! It is soooo much fun! But it is also very hard! In the first picture I am doing a yoga pose. I have discovered that I have terrible balance! Jeff is doing some strength exercise! Its a push-up and plank exercise! Then there's Kaity trying to copy! Its fun being able to do these activites with Jeff! We like to compete and see who can do the best! I'm actually pretty sore already! Its fun!

As you can tell Kaity has to do everything Mommy does! She even tries to stay fit like Mommy!

Build-A-bear Workshop!

We went to my parent's house in Priest River, Idaho this weekend for the holidays! On the way there, we stopped at the Northtown mall in Spokane, Washington. We walked by the Build-A-Bear Workshop and about a year ago we made a teddy bear for Matthew and I decided it was time to make one for Kaity, too! Kaity has a special pink blanket that she loves sleeping with. I though it would be a good idea to get a animal that was kind of the same soft fabric as her blanket! We found this bunny. It's so soft and we got the smaller one so that it fits perfectly in her tiny little hands! She loves it and takes it with her almost everywhere!

My Roses!

This morning I felt like it was Mother's Day or my birthday or something! Jeff let me sleep in for starters! When Matthew got up at 6:30, like he does every morning, Jeff got up with him and let me sleep. Then he took Matthew and they got me some beautiful roses and put them on my nightstand, so that when I did wake up they were the first thing that I saw! Then I got up and Jeff had made Breakfast Burritos! They were very good! I don't know what I did to deserve such royal treatment, but I am definitely not complaining!


Matthew has discovered that he loves catching bugs! Especially grasshoppers! I didn't have any jars for him to put them in, so I got him a little bowl with a lid, but it didn't work very well. Whenever we wanted to put another one in, three more would jump out! So we went to good ol' Wally World (Wal-mart) and bought him a bug carrier. It's a lot easier now and it's a lot easier for him to carry it. He was pretty much in heaven. I can't believe how big he's getting!

Monsters Inc.

As you can tell, Kaitlyn loves the movie 'Monsters Inc.'! It is her all time favorite movie! Last week it was a rainy day and the kids couldn't go outside and play, so we decided to have a movie party and watch Monsters. Matthew got bored of the movie by this point and went to go play with his horse set, but Kaitlyn watched the whole movie. I thought it was really cute how she was laying and watching the movie! I had to get a picture of it and show everybody what a cute little girl I have! I know one picture would have been enough, but I'm like my sister Amy, I couldn't pick one! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kaity's Dress!

Last Christmas my parents got me a sewing machine. I've been wanting to make something with it ever since. I started a dress for Kaity back in April and I finally finished it last night! My mom has been bugging me forever to finish it, well, this weekend she came into town and my Mom, my Sister, Cami, and I all got together and had a little 'sewing party'! It was more fun than it sounds! I think it looks really cute on her and I'm glad that it's finally finished!! YAY!!!


The new thing this week is that we bought a Wii and hopefully soon a Wii Fit! Its been a lot of fun! Jeff and I have been playing and competing against each other with a bunch of different games! I actually made my arm sore! It's been fun!

Garnet Mining

On Saturday we went to Emerald Creek with my Cami and her family to go Garnet Mining!! It was a LOT of fun! It was about a 2 hour drive, and then a real short hike up to the mining area. It was so cute watching Matthew and Sydney walk up there! They get along so well. Matthew insisted on carrying his own boots on the hike (even though he refused to wear them once we got up there) and him and Sydney held hands part of the way up there! It was a total picture moment! Then when you get up there you fill up buckets with dirt, as you can see Matthew doing all by himself!! He's at that "Let ME do it" stage! Oh Goody! Then you go to the 'sifting' area, where you try and get the dirt and mud seperated from the rocks. That was the messiest part. Then after the sifting, you go to the water trough where you clean of the rocks and search through them for the garnets! Then you repeat the whole process over again! It was a little difficult with Matthew and Kaity, but we all made the best of it, and as you can see from the balls of mud that Matthew has for feet, they loved playing in the mud!! Before we got in the car we went to a creek that was next to the area and rinsed of our feet. The water was FREEZING! You can kind of see, in the picture with just Matthew in it, that the whole bottom of the creek was purple from all the little tiny garnets in the sand! You might have to enlarge the picture. It was really pretty!It was definitely something everybody should do at least once! I encourage everybody to try it sometime!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mommy and Me!!

Today I did Kaitlyn's and my hair the same!! I love having a little girl with enough hair to do something different ever day!! She even sits still and lets me fix it every morning! Some morning when I get into it, it can take quite awhile, and she'll just sit there and let me fix it!! She's a very good girl!! Matthew even noticed that we were the same and kept pointing it out!! Kaitlyn is such a mommy's girl! Whatever I do, she has to copy!! If I paint my fingernails, I have to do hers, too! If i put on lotion or chapstick, she has to, also!! Its so much fun!

Windy Night!

Last night we had a big wind storm which turned into a regular thunder and lightning storm! It eventually rained, but not very much! The kids really enjoyed the wind! I don't think they have ever felt strong winds before!! They didn't want to go inside!!It was fun!! We definitely needed it to cool off!! All last week and the beginning of this week before the storm, it had been over 100 degrees!! Very hot! Everybody is enjoying the colder weather!!

Getting Dizzy!!!

One night I looked over at Kaitlyn and she was just in the middle of the living room, spinning around in circles! She would spin around until she would fall down! She ended up getting pretty dizzy!! In the bottom video you can tell that she's dizzy because she can't even get up!! Listen closely. When she falls down she says "Owie"!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pool Party!!

Today Cami and her girls (Livia and Sydney) came over and we had a pool party! It was a lot of fun! Everyone was splashing each other and squirting each other with little spray bottles! When we were all done we dumped out the two swimming pools. As you can imagine, there was a LOT of water in the grass! The kids all ran and jumped in the mud! Livia and sydney were even doing belly flops in the mud and splashing it everywhere! They almost had more fun in the mud than in the swimming pools! It was loads of fun! Thanks for coming over Cami and the girls!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Stray Dog Came Back!!

Well, last night when we got our kids all ready for bed and out of the bathtub, the stray dog that I talked about in June's post on my blog come back! She just hopped back in our yard, grabbed another one of our balls and expected to play! Matthew and Kaity both just loved it. They love dogs! I think we were out there for over an hour playing fetch with the dog! You can tell in the last picture that my kids completely wore her out! It looked like she was in heaven getting all the attention that Matthew and Kaity was giving her! I don't know where she came from but my kids love it when she comes! If only we could have a dog of our own!

Dance Party!!

We have this toy that plays "Everybody Dance Now" when you push a button, and Matthew would push the button and he and Kaity would dance to it and then when it stopped he would push it again. They were dancing forever! As you can tell even Jeff got into it!! ; )

Having Fun With Balls!!

My kids love bouncy balls and we have a lot of them! Well, we put them all in a bucket and then when we count to three and dump them all out, they go CRAZY!! Its really cute. We even had our neighbor, Benson, come over to join in on the fun!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Matthew's Talking!!

Kaity and Matthew were playing outside and when Matthew saw me get the camera out he came over to look at it!! He got really excited that he could see Kaity through the camera and he kept saying Kaity. Since Kaity was pretending to be a puppy, Matthew is camparing her to a puppy and you can hear him talking in the video! He's had a hard time talking and he's even in Speech Therapy and everything. So that's why I get excited over the littlest things that he says! We got a letter in the mail today telling us that he got accepted to start Preschool this year! Even though he's only three years old, since he has a speech problem he gets to go early and get an extra year of school in! Yea!!! He's going to start talking up a storm soon!!

Kaity Being a Puppy!!

Kaity and Matthew love playing together! Usually they get along great! You can tell that she has some of her mommy in her because she loves playing doggie just like I did!! She loves to play fetch, she'll usually bring you the ball and then when you throw it she'll go and get it and everything, but I think the concrete was hurting her knees!

Kaity's Magnadoodle!

Kaitlyn loves her magnadoodle! I think she could sit and color on it for hours! Today she was coloring on it and then she got the weird idea to put the pen in her mouth and color with her mouth!! I don't know where she gets thease ideas! : )

Matthew's Bedtime!

I went to go check on Matthew one night to see if he had fallen asleep yet for the night and this is what I found. He had taken some of his cars out of their holder on his door, which he has enough to completely fill up that whole thing, and played with them and lined them up perfectly! When he was done he grabbed his favorite horse and crawled back into bed and went to sleep! I thought it was just too funny!

The Perfect Headrest!

For Jeff's birthday, I blew up a bunch of ballons and had them all over my house! I guess Kaity thought that they would make a good headrest! She watched a full cartoon episode while lying down on a ballon! It was really cute!