Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Rings!

My brother-in-law was having fun with his camera and he was taking some pictures of Jeff's and my wedding rings! Aren't they beautiful!

Gingerbread Houses!

While at my parent's house we made Gingerbread Houses! Kaity was having a bad day that day, so she was taking a nap, but Matthew had soooooo much fun! He did really goo on it, too! I just helped him with the frosting and he did the candy all by himself! My dad kept getting a kick out of Matthew! He kept sticking the knife in the frosting and instead of putting it on the graham cracker, he would just stick it in his mouth! He ate a LOT of frosting! And candy!
Here is Matthew with all of his Cousins!

Christmas #1

We went to my parent's house the weekend before Christmas to have an early Christmas with them! They spent Christmas in Germany with my sister, so they wouldn't be here for the real Christmas! The kids loved being able to open gifts early!
Matthew loves his new book!
Kaity got a little tired at the end!
Kaity even got to take some pictures!
Kaity loves her books, too!

Playing Doggie!

We went to my parent's house the weekend before Christmas! Kaity loves to play 'doggie'! One morning I walked into the kitchen and this is what I saw! My sister had given Kaity a food and water bowl to eat and drink out of! Kaity loved it! She thought that it was so fun! Notice the two outfits! This was two different days! I think my sister a fun doing this, too! :)

Ward Christmas Party!

It has been FOREVER since I last posted anything! I have so many pictures stored up just waiting to be posted! Now that the christmas season has passed, I now have time to do more with my blog! Here we are at my sisters' Ward Christmas Party! We had a good dinner and then Santa Claus came to visit all the kids!
Doesn't he look sooo excited? Actually he really was, but you can't tell in this picture! All night long he kept asking, 'where's Santa?' 'When is Santa coming?'
Here are their pictures of them sitting on Santa's lap! They look a little funny because they are a picture of a picture!
Kaity was TERRIFIED of Santa! She wouldn't go near him, let alone sit on his lap! So she is crying in this picture!
A little bit later we did get her to give Santa a high five! Good job Mike at getting a picture of this! Thanks!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lunch Time at the Bowman's!

It makes me so happy that Matthew and Kaity are so close in age! They get along so well together and are the best of friends! Yesterday at lunchtime they were acting like this! They were just huggging and laughing together! I had to get some pictures in! They are both smiling so big!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey Hair Do!

Of course I had to do a special hair do for Thanksgiving! Here I made a turkey to put in her hair! All you do is get some pipe cleaners cut them in half and form them into feathers! Then you wrap and elastic around them to keep them in place! Then you do a bun! and then you form a turkey head and stick it into the bun with a bobby pin! and there you have it!

Thanksgiving Break!

For this Thanksgiving we went to my Parent's house and spent it with my parent's and 2 sisters and their families! There were 12 of us all together! We had so much fun! All weekend Sydney kept asking Kaity for hugs! It was super cute! So here she is getting a hug!

Kaity wasn't in the best mood during the trip and everybody was trying to get on her good side! In this picture Kaity is feeding my Dad some cereal and he's eating it like a dog! Kaity loved it!

Here's what Matthew enjoyed doing when he wasn't playing with all of his cousins! He absolutely LOVES puzzles and my mom had this giant floor puzzle and he just loved putting it together over and over again!
This was the happiest Kaity was all week! We later found out that she had two ear infections and thats why she was so cranky! But at least we go a good shot of her laughing!
Here we all our about to start our Thanksgiving dinner! Too bad Jeff and Kaity weren't in the picture! Kaity was sleeping and Jeff is taking the picture!
The day after Thanksgiving Jeff and I went shopping for some Christmas gifts and when we came back everyone was decorating for Christmas! Matthew and Kaity loved it! Matthew thought it was fun putting the ornaments on the tree except he kept putting all the ornaments in the same spot on the tree! It was funny!
One morning my dad and Matthew went for a walk down the driveway to get the morning paper! It was so cute to see them walking together! And of course my dad talked him into walking to the middle of a puddle! He got soaked!

Aren't they so cute together!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This post is for Matthew and Kaity's Grandma! She sent Matthew a bunch of winter clothes and they are great! Thank you so much Linda! We love all of them! This morning before school, I had Matthew pick out his favorite outfit to wear to school! That was a big chore! He couldn't chose! He loved the tractor shirt that he is wearing in the photo but he wanted to wear the black camo pants! They really didn't look good together! So I made him chose between the two outfits and this is what he chose! What do you think Linda?

After Matthew was done with the pictures Kaity wanted a turn! So here's her picture! She holding the remote because she was more than ready to watch her morning cartoons!

Thanks again Linda!

Priest River Weekend!

Last weekend we went to see my parents in Priest River! While we were there I bought Matthew and Kaity some wax fangs! Matthew didn't like his but Kaity did! Aren't we sooo cute here! :)
This is what Kaity wanted to do the entire weekend! She LOVES talking on the phone! She would be on the phone in the kitchen and then somebody would get on a different phone in a different room and talk to her! She loved it!
Here's Matthew playing doctor with Kaity while she is on the phone! He's listening to her heart!

Sticker Spots!

Matthew found some stickers the other day and placed them all on his face! When we tried to take them off they left giant red blotches all over his face where the stickers were! It just so happens that that same night we had a Parent Teacher meeting! His teacher actually pulled me off to the side and asked me if he was having an outbreak of something and if he should be there! She felt really embarrassed when I told her that they were from the stickers! He hasn't put any stickers on his face since then!