Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Family Yahtzee Game!

I found the tutorial on how to make this family yahtzee game over at The Thrifty Chick Family and I thought that it looked like a lot of fun! So I started making it! If you just sat down and make it, you could probably get it done in one day! But me, I'm a procrastinator, it took me a little longer! All you do is get blocks of wood that are about 1 1/2 inches and paint them white. Then you mod podge some srapbook paper on them and then modpodge a picture on it with a little number in the top (for the dice aspect). Then I got a white Photo Box and mod podged the same kind of scrapbook paper onto the box! Thats it! Then you just use regular Yahtzee scorecards! It was really easy and fun! Hope you enjoy!

Kaity and Curlformers!

The other night I put my curlformers in Kaity's hair! They worked just as well in her hair as they do in my hair! And she didn't complain about them or anything! I ended up having to take them out before her hair was dry though! Her hair was still pretty wet, so it didn't curl! I was just playing around with her hair! I'm going to do it again real soon and let it dry all the way and then I will post the pictures of her curly hair!
Matthew was jealous that Kaity was getting all the pictures taken of her! So he wanted to pose for a picture!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


For Christmas Jeff told me that he was going to get me some curlformers that I have been wanting! We've been waiting for our tax return to order them! Well, they finally came Yesterday! So, of course, thats the first thing I did this morning was use them! They were super easy to use! The hardest part was knowing when my hair was dry! The pink ones go one direction and the orange ones go the other direction, so it gives it a nice look when you take it out!

In this picture I have 40 curlformers in my hair! I wish I would have gotten the longer ones! You can see a little bit of my hair sticking out at the bottoms!
Here's what my hair looked like right after I took the curlformers out, before I ran my fingers through my hair!
And this is what my hair looked like after I ran my fingers through it! I love the curls! I think that it really turned out nicely!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cat Tails!

Last weekend when we went to my parent's house we went to Spokane to spend the day on Saturday! We decided to go to Cat Tails! Its like a small zoo but just with big cats! Kaity and Matthew both had fun there! I think their favorite was probably the lion. They loved it! They both are really into the Lion King movies! They also have this program that you can pay for that lets you feed a lion or a tiger but you have to be over 8 years old, so the kiddos couldn't do it! We took a lot of pictures, so here they are!

Pay Back!

A few months ago we borrowed some money from my parents to pay off a credit card! When we got our tax return we were able to pay them back! So we went to their house last weekend for President's Day, and before we left we went to the bank and got the $1300 all in the lowest bills the bank could give us! Most of it was ones! So when we got there I made a trail with the ones that led to their bed where all the rest was spread out everywhere! You could tell that my dad was pretty annoyed, but my mom LOVED it! It was pretty exciting seeing that much cash!

Here they are counting it all! Of course Livia had to help count it! She loves money!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My New Pillows!

I was tired of having mismatched pillow cases on our bed, and I wanted something bright and looked good! So I went to the fabric store and looked around until I found something that I liked! I came up with this! First I made the pillow cases for the four pillows and then I made the black throw pillows and added to it a few of the scraps from the other pillow cases! What do you think?

Valentine's Hair Do's!

I've been trying to come up with some neat Valentine's hair do's! I made some last year and here are some new ones for this year! I really like the second one the best! And they were so easy! Hope you like them!

Doesn't she look just so enthused! Thats her forced smile!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bunk Beds!

Yesterday we bought bunk beds for Matthew and Kaity! We figured that we needed more room in their room and I'm so glad that we did! They absolutely love it! Matthew kept running back and forth between his new bed and me saying, "Thank You Mommy! Thank You Mommy!" He was so happy! Kaity on the other hand, not so much! You can tell in the very last picture how happy she was! She wanted to be on the top bunk and not the bottom! It bummed her out pretty bad, but she's getting happier about it! It was really nice that we found a bunk bed that was a full bed on bottom and a twin on top, so we didn't have to buy any new mattresses!

Banana Splits!

Last night we decided to have some banana splits! The kids were so excited! I think their favorite part was me spraying the whipped cream right into their mouth!As you can tell from Kaity's picture! They LOVED it!

Coolest Book Ever!

Jeff took the car to get an oil change the other day before work and then when Kaity and I woke up, we walked down to the ford dealership to pick up the car! When we got there, they were still washing it, so we had to wait a little while! In the waiting room, they had this book and Kaity thought it was sooo cool! She had to pose for each page and I thought that it was sooo cute, so obviously I had to take pictures of each page! She's holding the book all by herself, too! Isn't she smiling so cute! She has the best smile! Of course every mom thinks that about their kids though, right!?

Swimming Time!

I know these pictures are extremely blurry. I forgot our camera and these were taken with Jeff's cell phone (which, obviously, doesn't do very well at taking pictures)! Last weekend we went to the Pulman Aquatic Center with my sister and her daughter! It was the most fun we've had in a long time! They have a little kid section that is only about a foot deep! Which was perfect for Kaity and its sooo warm! Like bath water, and they have buckets of toys for the kids to play with! They also have these life jackets for the kids to wear! Once we put one on Matthew he just took off! He could swim anywhere he wanted to without any help! He felt like such a big boy! They also have innertubes that you can play in! It was a lot of fun! Once my kid's colds clear up, we are going again!