Saturday, January 22, 2011

No More Memory

I haven't posted for awhile because every time I try to post a picture a pop up comes up and says that I have used up all of my memory and that if I want to post more pictures, I need to buy more memory. So I'm just trying to figure out what to do so I don't have to buy more memory. I know its not very much to buy it, I just think its crazy that I need to. So if anybody has any suggestions for me, or if this has happened to you, please let me know. Hopefully I'll post soon. Kaity just had her 4th birthday and I have so many super cute pictures!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kaity Gets To Ride The Bus

While we wait for Matthew's bus to come and then we watch Matthew climb onto his bus, Kaity always says that she wants to ride the bus to her school, too. I had tried to get Kaity on the bus before, but the bus that they had was full. Then on Monday, Kaity's teacher informed me that they had just gotten a new bus and there was more room on it. So of course I got Kaity signed up for it. She started riding it Tuesday afternoon. I was so nervous about it because she is just so little. We sat and waited for it and she was just all smiles the whole time. I even went and bought her a new backpack to hold her snow gear. She looked so cute!

I didn't get any pictures of her actually getting on the bus because I took a video instead, and I don't know how to put the videos on the computer. So sorry that you don't get to see that, but it was very cute. She grunted all the way up the steps because they were so big for her. Both of my kiddos ride the bus to school now. They are so big! And yes, right after the pictures were taken and went and got some rubberbands to hold up the long pieces of her backpack.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Eve

We kind of had an uneventful New Years Eve. The day before Matthew had a really high fever and Kaity had a fever and was throwing up that day. So they stayed in their pj's all day and we relaxed. We started the night out by watching Despicable Me, Their 2nd favorite movie ever! Nothing will ever beat How To Train Your Dragon!
 Then we had our little snack filled dinner. We had pigs in a blanket, and quesadilla with ham, and chips with bean dip. Not the most nutritious, but it was a holiday so we had fun!
 Once again, Matthew's eyes are shut so...
 I posted this one
 Then after we were done eating, this is what we did the whole rest of the night! This is the new black Wii that my parents got for us! I'm surprised at how well Matthew and Kaity can do the Wii! They are so cute to watch, too!
 Here Matthew just beat a level of the sword fighting. That is, by far, everybody's favorite game.
 Here's Jeff getting into the sword fighting! And of course Matthew is right there watching. He is obsessed with the Wii! He loves it!
 At around 10:00 Kaity's fever broke and she finally got her appetite back. She was way happier after that.

Here we are waiting for the countdown. We are almost there. Everybody made it to midnight and they were all smiles.
 Here's the countdown. 13 seconds left.
 Here is our very first family picture of the New Year 2011

 First picture of my kids in the New Year

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Morning

We had a great Christmas this year. We went up to Priest River to spend it with my parents and my sister, Tara, from Seattle came over with her daughter. My other sister, Cami, came up later that day with her family. So it was busy and loud and fun. The best way to spend a holiday. :) The only thing that Matthew had asked for Christmas was R.D., the really big dragon from the movie, How To Train Your Dragon, and he came with 3 little Gronckles (type of dragon from the movie). Sure enough Santa found it for him, along with all the little characters from the movie! He was in heaven! He must have been a good boy.  
 Kaity got a brand new easel with a white board and chalkboard, and a barn with some horses. Kaity loves coloring and she has loved and used the easel everyday since Christmas.

 I have NO idea what was going on in this picture, but try not to get a little freaked out by Jeff's face. :)
 Here's Matthew with his awesome new dragon, R.D.
 Kaity got some new nail polish in her stocking that she was excited about
 Here's me with my new stocking that I finished RIGHT before Christmas
 Jeff got some BB guns in his stocking
 Opening presents
 Matthew couldn't believe that he also got the Night Fury from the movie, too!

 Here's what my parents got for Jeff and me! A BLACK Wii!!!! And Tara got us the new Mario game! I could not wait to go home and play it! Best gift ever! Thanks Mom and Dad!
 Kaity got a really awesome stuffed Night Fury that she loves and Matthew got a little Night Fury that growls when you hit it! Can you tell that that is their favorite movie!?

 Here's a headband that I made for Kaity! I also made matching ones for all her cousins. I think they are pretty cute
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!