Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yard Work

Today we worked in the yard because it was such a nice day! We planted grass in our fron yard for the kids to beable to play on later on! We could never get any flowers to grow there because the dirt isn't the greatest, so we thought we would try some grass! Then we weeded around the flowers that are around the house! It looks so much better!! Matthew's showing that he got a tattoo this weekend (fake tattoo), but he likes it!!

Kaity's Balloon!!

We had a very interesting night on Saturday!! I spent 3 hours in the emergency room with Kaity! Kaity got a hold of a waterballoon filled with air. It was the size of the balloon in the picture down below. We put a AA battery next to it to show the size. She got ahold of one and when Jeff saw it he said "no Kaity" and the next thing he knew she swallowed it!!! She didn't choke or anything! Jeff said that it didn't even look like she had any difficulties with it!! I took her to the hospital and she got an X-ray and everything but the doctors said they couldn't see anything and that she should just pass it through just fine. We all started giving Jeff a hard time about whether or not she actually swallowed it. Jeff said that it never popped or anything! That she swallowed it completely whole! She could eat and drink and everything just fine. Nobody belived Jeff that it happened until the next morning when she woke up with a poopy diaper and right there in her diaper was a balloon!! The balloon never popped. It shrunk down, but it never popped! It still had a little air in it! In the second picture is the balloon after it passed through her body!! We were sooooooo amazed that she didn't choke on it and die! It was truely a miracle! We will never forget that day!

Memorial Day

On Monday, Memorial Day, we all went to the cemetary to visit Preston's grave. We were so glad that it was such a nice day for memorial day. Here Kaity is meeting Preston for the first time!!

Here's Pappaw with his FAVORITE grandkids!! :)

Then we got one more picture of us underneath Preston tree.

Priest River Trip

We went up to Priest River last weekend and had a lot of fun. Dad and Kaity bonded, We had a blast on the trampoline, Kaity played with Matthew's cars and Matthew played with Kaity's horse set, and they both helped Mammaw and Tamara work in Mammaw herb garden. Everybody had a lot of fun!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kaity Dancing!

We were outside playing and I turned on my cell phone to listen to some music. I turned on Axel F by Crazy Frog. (My kids both like that song.) As soon as Kaity heard the song she started dancing! She's never danced before and everyone thought that it was funny. Especially Kaity!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Our New Gate

Jeff made a new gate today to keep the kids in the backyard. I think he did a really good job!! Now we just can't let him try and climb over it!!

After Swimming

After we came in from swimming, we all got changed and and warmed up. Kaity was being so cute just running around the house. Doesn;t she look a little bit like your kids here, Cami!! Recognize the outfit?

Matthew Says "Peace Out!"


Today it was actually hot enough to get out the little kiddie pool and go swimming. It was Kaitys first time in a pool and she LOVED it!! I wasn't sure how she would do, but she just got right in and started splashing! It seemed really out of character for her. It was really nice having such a nice day.

Bubble Time

Kaity is discovering that she really enjoys bubbles! We got the bubbles out the other day and she just went crazy! She had soo much fun with them!! I think the looks on her face says it all!

At The Playground

We have a little playground at our apartment and Matthew and Kaity both love playing on the slide and the swings! Everytime we go outside thats exactly where Kaity wants to go! She throws the biggest fit when thats not where we actually go!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kaity's New Haircut!

Kaity got her very first haircut today! As you can tell, she didn't like it, but she let me do it. I've been wanting to give her bangs for a while now and I was always too scared to do it myself, and the salons wanted $10.00 just to give her bangs. Rip off. I was cutting Matthew's hair and so I just decided to do Kaity's hair too! I think it's really cute! She looks like a whole different little girl! Jeff says that she looks a lot like Sydney now!!

Icecream cones!

They both LOVE icecream cones!! Matthew asks for one every single day!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Playing in the Backyard

The kids are loving the warm weather that we've been having! They want to be outside all the time!! This is them playing in our backyard! They love playing together!

Renaissance Fair

We went to the renaissance fair also on Saturday!! They had a giant dragon made out of paper for the kids to run through. Matthew and Kaity both loved it. As you can tell Kaity was quite fascinated with the ribbons of paper.

Appaloosa Horse Museum

We went to the Appaloosa Horse Museum on Saturday for the first time. Matthew is really into horses right now. His favorite movie is "Spirit". They both loved it there!! Matthew loved riding on the saddle just like the men in the movie! He would sit on it and then say 'yaw, yaw'!! It was soo cute! It looks like Kaity already has good form on a saddle!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Matthew's New Bed!

We got Matthew a twin bed today!! He loves it so much! He was outgrowing his toddler bed because he's such a scwermer! (sp?) He'd roll over and be almost off the bed! There's a yahoo group called Latah Free Exchange and it's for people in the palouse area. So we got the twim mattress, boxspring, frames, headboard, and footboard all for FREE!!!! I love it! And as you can see from the third picture that Matthew loves it too!!!

Matthew's Bite Mark!

We went to the park the other night and this annoying little boy was there. I was playing with Kaity on the slide and all of a sudden Matthew came running up to me crying and pointing to his back! I looked and saw a GIANT bite mark on his back!! I know it's hard to see but it's a bite mark! I'm so surprised that it didn't break the skin!