Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend


This year we went up to my parent's house for Easter. It turned out to be wonderful weather all weekend. It was great. On Saturday we went to the Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. They were so excited!

 Kaity and Matthew were in different age groups this year, but Kaity hung out at Matthew's group until it was time to start. Here they are checking out all the eggs.

 Then Jeff took Kaity to her group and I stayed with Matthew!
 Heres Matthew doing an awesome job getting lots of eggs.
 Heres the eggs that Matthew got...
 and heres what Kaity go. They both did a great job this year!
 In each age group they had 2 or 3 plastic eggs that you turn in for a prize. Kaity got the #1 prize in her age group and Matthew got the #2 prize in his! We have never gotten any plastic eggs before and this year they both got one! I couldn't believe it! We turned the eggs in and claimed our prize. They were amazing prizes. There was a huge stuffed bunny in both, with candy and toys and all kinds of stuff! Good Job kiddos!


After the Easter Egg Hunt, we went to the Camas Center and went swimming. We did the same thing last year at Easter time. Its a pretty fun place. The kids LOVE it! They have 2 pools just for kids to swim in with toys and everything and they are shallow enough that Matthew can touch everywhere and Kaity can touch almost everywhere.

 The kids enjoyed going down this slide again. Since I couldn't go down the slide being pregnant, Jeff took turns with the kids, over and over again. So much fun!
 Kaity and me are sitting waiting for Daddy and Matthew to go down the slide!
 After swimming Matthew and Kaity climbed the rock wall. They both made it up higher than they did last year, but for some reason, Kaity was more scared this year. She needed a little more help.


When we got home we dyed easter eggs. By this point of the day the kids were exhausted. But we still had fun.
 They were both pretty mellow at the beginning...

 but they got happier when their energy returned.


On Easter morning we all got up early and went out to find our baskets and eggs.
 Matthew got some cool Nerf guns and Kaity got some toys called Squishies that she has really been wanting. They are like squichy figures from the Beauty and the Beast movie.
 Matthew loved his guns right away.
 My mom got a goose egg for us to dye this year. It was HUGE. My moom said that it is like 4 eggs worth. It was cool.
 Kaity also got a Rapunzel Doll that she absolutely LOVED! She would sit for hours just brushing her hair. It was really cute.

 Then of course Matthew and Kaity had to go around shooting everybody with the guns! :)


Here are our family Easter pictures. We were kind of rushed but we still got some good pictures.
 We even got to take some pictures outside, the weather was so nice.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Matthew's Musical

Last night Matthew had his first school performance. It was a musical. It was so fun watching him up on the stage with his class singing and dancing. I wish he would have done more singing. He was sooo shy, but he did do the actions and it was so cute! My kids are getting so big! I can't believe it sometimes!
Here's Matthew and me at his school right before his muscial
 Here he is waiting for it to start. He sat up there and waited so patiently. They never said how anyone should dress for this, so I had Matthew wear a collared shirt and some parents dressed their kids up and other kids weren't dressed up at all. I saw one kid wearing camo pants. So it looked pretty silly having everyone look so different, but it was still cute!

 It was so hard to see him sometimes. The 1st graders are on the top stage and the kindergarteners are in the front. Matthew is right below the girl in the pink and green striped dress.
 Afterwards, we went to Lick's and got everyone an ice cream cone!

Good Job Matthew!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Pregnancy...So far

Here are some of my pregnancy photos so far...
This first picture is me at 12 weeks 6 days
 We took this one yesterday. I'm 15 weeks 3 days here.
 This week my baby is the size of an apple. So we thought that it would be fun to get some pictures with an apple for this week to show the size of the baby.

Kaity's Book

Kaity had to come up with a story and draw the pictures for her book for a project in her Preschool. Then we are going to a family reading day where we get to read her book out loud. So this morning we finished her book. She wanted it to be about Playing With Toys. She told me what to write and then she drew the pictures all by herself. I had to help her know what to draw, but she did all the actual drawing by herself!

Toys Are Fun!

Teddy Bear Clinic

A few Saturdays ago we went to the Teddy Bear Clinic at Gritman Hospital in Moscow. They only do this every other year so the last time we went Kaity was pretty little. The kids always have fun with this event. They get to take their favorite teddy bear and make them all better at the hospital.
Of course the first thing that Matthew and Kaity wanted to go and see was the dalmation dog. Dalmations are a lot softer than I thought they would be. Then we saw the fire engines and ambulance. The sad part is Matthew still remembers when he had to get his tonsils out and had to ride in the ambulance to Spokane. If you ask him about it he'll say that he had an ow-ee in his neck and had to ride in the ambulance! :( He was only 3. Matthew even chose to take the teddy bear that they gave him on the ambulance.

 Then they met Charlie the hospital bear.

 Here they had to say a fruit or vegetable in every color of the rainbow. Matthew and Kaity both thought of one and said it out loud.
 Then they had teddy grahams and chocolate milk for a snack and coloring pages.
 Then we went to the birth center and they got to weigh their teddy bears
 And then they got a bracelet for them that said if they were a boy or a girl.

 Then we went to the ER.
 Matthew was very worried about this teddy bear. He said that it was his teddy bear's mommy.
Here they got to put that thing on their finger that is supposed to check their oxygen and stuff. Some of the other kids were too scared to try it, but not my kiddos!