Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I didn't get many pictures during Thanksgiving. I barely got these. Right before the dinner, we knelt in front of the pie table real quick and got some family pictures. Since I didn't get many pictures, I decided to post all the ones I did get.



After Thanksgiving dinner, we went to my sister's in-law's house where they were sledding down their driveway. I don't think I have ever taken my kids sledding before. I know I know, bad mom, right? They loved it, and it wasn't even good sledding, but they had a blast.

In the picture below, Matthew is actually sitting behind Kaity. Those are his gloves that have the reflectors on them, blinding the camera. Kaity's smile is so big and cute here too.
Here is what they looked like on the way home. Red, runny noses, snow everywhere, red cheeks. We went back to Mammaw and Pappaw's house, drank hot cocoa, and watched a movie. Fun Night.

Piano Playing

One of Mattew and Kaity's favorite thing to do at their Mammaw and Pappaw's house was playing their piano. I don't think it was mammaw and pappaw's favorite thing though. :) Here are just some cute pictures of them playing together.
I love this one of Kaity pointing at the music book.

The First Real Snow Day

This year, Matthew had the whole week of Thanksgiving off. I was trying to think of ways to keep him and Kaity busy being stuck in my small apartment for a whole week. Well, no suprise, I couldn't come up with anything fun. So I called my Dad and he agreed to come and get me and take me to his house. We stayed there the whole week and Jeff drove down Wednesday night when he got off of work. It was so nice for the kids to have so much room to run around and play. The first night that I was there it snowed about 5 inches. So we got on our snow gear and had our first snow day. The kids love everything about snow. Playing in it, eating it, watching it fall. Snow is great, but I'm glad that it only lasts a few months.

My camera isn't very good, but Matthew was throwing the snow up in the air so that it would fall down on him.
Of course, here's the eating it part. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010


This Halloween was probably one of my favorites! Matthew and Kaity are both old enough to know and understand whats going on and what they are supposed to do! It was also kind of fun that Halloween was on a Sunday, because they got to go trick-or-treating at mall on Friday night! Then on Saturday night we went to my Sister's ward's chili feed and trunk-or-treat! Then on Sunday we spent the afternoon at my Sister's house and had all kinds of yummy food that she had made and played games! Then we took the kids a perfect trick-or-treating neighborhood in Pullman! I didn't think the kids were going to last very long because it was pretty cold, but they lasted a whole hour and a half! I think they walked 10 blocks! They got quite a bit of candy too! I think it was my favorite Halloween because it wasn't rushed! Usually the mall, trunk-or-treating and trick-or-treating are all pushed into one night and it just gets hectic and we usually don't even get to the trick-or-treating part!

Kaity was a bat this year!
Matthew was Black Spiderman again!

My costume was just my spider shirt that I made, and Jeff was a pirate!

Happy Halloween Everybody!!


We all had a lot of fun with our pumpkins this year! Probably because we didn't try to do anything too difficult! We didn't even know what we were going to cut out until we started cutting! So it made it kind of fun! I thought Matthew and Kaity would like to go through the pumkins guts and dig out the seeds, but they both refused to touch it! They kept saying that they didn't want to get their hands dirty! What kind of pansies am I raising! :)

They are being very careful to only use the spoons and not let their hands touch the guts at all!
Jeff was still at work when we got started! So I took this picture of all three of us! I'm shocked that everybody is in the shot and smiling! If only Kaity was looking up! Oh well!
Kaity and Jeff worked on one and Matthew and I worked on the other one!
Here's how they turned out! Who did which pumpkin?

Left: Kaity's and Jeff's Right: Matthew's and mine!

Kaity's Nails!

I even had fun with Kaity's fingernails and toenails! She sat so still and let me do this too! I'm so glad that I have a little girl! They are so much fun!

I found a pretty neat trick! Instead of using nail polish to make designs on your nails, use acrylic paint! It stays on great and it doesn't make your nail polish all thick and bumpy! Kaity's toes still look like this and its been two weeks! Didn't even come off in the bath!

Halloween Decorations!

I had a little fun this year with the halloween decorations! This is the first year that I used those fake spider webs! I think I got a little carried away with them! They were used on my entertainment center and picture frames and stuff! It was fun though! On one wall I had a big yellow moon and a whole bunch of bats flying around! The kids loved that! I also mad us some spider shirts that turned out pretty neat! I just found those spider rings and cut the ring part off! Then I hot glued the spiders on the shirt and that was it! They even stay on after being washed! Just don't dry them! We all got a lot of compliments on them!

Then I also made this candy corn wreath! I thought it turned out really well! I got a styrofoam wreath form and covered it in black duct tape! Then you just glue the candy corn on to! That was it! I love the ribbon that I found at Wal-mart for it! It totally matched! I also saw somebody else make one like this but with colorful gumdrops for Christmas! Yes, I plan on making on of those too! It looked really cute!

Matthew and Kaity!

The other day was cleaning day! Everybody was deep cleaning their rooms! I walked in to check on Matthew and he had climbed up on his window sill and was looking out his window! I was about to get mad at him for not cleaning, but then he turned around and smiled his super cute smile and said, "Hi Mommy!" So, of course, I had to take a picture! Then Kaity wanted to be a part of the action! She climbed up there and gave Matthew such a big hug! Every day they do something that makes me think, 'I have the cutest kids in the world!'