Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Change in Hair Color!

I decided that I needed a little change in my appearance, so I died my hair a light brown! Here are a before and after picture! What do you think?

Stray came back again!

Once again the dog came back! I think this is my third post about this dog! He comes by every few months! And when he does come he wants to play fetch! Then he just leaves! Its a really nice dog! And Matthew and Kaity love it when he comes! As you can tell from the last picture how sad Kaity is that she couldn't go outside and play! She wasn't feeling very well so she had to stay inside :( but she watched at the window the whole time!

Kaity's 2nd Birthday!

Kaitlyn had her second birthday on January 20th! She had a very good party! Her Mammaw and Pappaw and 2 aunts and there families came over to celebrate with her! It was a full house and a lot of fun! She got a lot of great gifts! Here are a few pictures from the party!

Here they were doing a little pre-party dancing before everyone got there! They love dancing!
She tried and tried to blow out her candles but she just wasn't blowing hard enough so she had to have some help from her cousins and Matthew!
This is after she's done eating her cake and she can't go any longer being messy!
She loved her toys! She got plenty of stuffed animals which is one of her favorite things, and Mammaw and Pappaw gave her this wonderful baby doll! She loves taking care of babies! Thanks everyone for the gifts!

She couldn't last as long as everyone else without a nap so she grabbed a blanket and curled up on the floor, using Pappaw's arm as a pillow! Then she just watched what everyone else was doing! Pappaw loved it!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sleeping Bags!

Matthew got his sleeping bag in June for his birthday from Jeff's mom, and he loves it! Almost everyday he gets it out of the closet to lay in it! Kaity would always be jealous and try to get in it also! I mentioned it to Linda and she got one for Kaity for Christmas! Along with four new horses! As soon as they saw these things they insisted on setting them up and playing with their horses inside the sleeping bags! Thank you so much Linda! They love them! One of these nights I'm going to set them up on the floor in Kaity's room and let them have a slumber Party! We'll see if they actually ever go to sleep!

Snow! Snow! Snow!

We were happy to get home after the holidays (especially because there wasn't quite as much snow! Our walkway was completely clear when we went to bed that night! Then this is what we woke up to the next morning! We got all this snow in just ONE night!

This is after Jeff shoveled up to our first step! Just to give you an idea of just how much snow we got!

Thank goodness it been raining ever since! The roads and sidewalks are pretty much completely clear now! YAY!!! :)

Birthday Calendar!

While I was at my parent's house, I decided to make a birthday calendar! So here it is! Its got all of my family and all of Jeff's family's birthdays on it! So now I have no excuse for forgetting anybody's birthday now!

Snow Snow and more Snow!!!

There was so much so and ice on my parent's roof that it began to get a little scary! My parent's were getting worried that the roof would cave in! It hung off the roof about two feet and it still wouldn't ever slide off! It was pretty scary to walk out the front door because we didn't want it to fall right when we step out! It was pretty much solid ice! My dad hired some guys to go up there and shovel it off! They got the snow to all slide of and it all came down at once! And it took them with it! One of them broke their shovel and then it got completely buried under all the snow! When the snow slide off it shoke the whole house! It was pretty scary!
This is right outside my parents big window in the Living Room! You can't even see the deck anymore!
This is what it looked like after it all fell off the front off the house! It is a LOT of snow! It's almost all the way up to the roof! When you're inside the house you couldn't see outside any of the windows! It was kind of like being snowed in! Matthew loved it though! He loves playing on the mountaintops!
If you look closely, you can see how deep the snow is on top of the roof!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Parent's House!

Here are a few pictures of some of the dun that we had while we were at my parent's house! Some of Matthew and Kaity's favorite things to do while we were there! They both loved playing the piano! And Kaity loves her aquadoodle! (Thanks Cami) Matthew found that hiding place between the shower curtains himself and he stayed there until someone found him! About 5 minutes! Matthew spent all afternoon one day in that bed! He went around and gaathered pillows and made a comfy little bed for himself! Had a sippie cup of water and a pile of books! He was set!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playing in the Snow!

Matthew and Kaity loved being at my Parent's house over the holiday break! Kaity would look out the window and beg to go outside and play! So I would dress them up in all their snow gear and get ready to play! The first 5 minutes that we were out there, Matthew threw some snow on Kaity and she wouldn't stop crying and she really didn't want to be out there anymore! The rest of the break she would just stay inside and watch Matthew and Jeff play! That was okay with me because I HATE the snow! I am very satisfied staying inside and watching other people play in it!
Matthew loved playing in the snow! He loves to eat it and he even went sledding for the first time! He had a lot of fun until he fell off the sled and did a face plant in the snow! After that he was done with sledding!
Jeff even had some fun in the snow, shoveling my parent's roof! He couldn't get much of the snow off because it was all solid ice, but he helped a little bit!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Morning!

We had a pretty good Christmas for our little family this year! The kids got a nice play kitchen with tons of play food from Santa this year! They both love it! They could spend hours upstairs playing with it together! They loved all their other gifts too! They definately got a LOT of toys and clothes! In the last picture Kaity opened up one of her gifts and it was a really adorable dress and tights! As you can tell by her face she wasn't all that thrilled for it! But I was! Hope everybody had a great Christmas, too!