Monday, May 25, 2009

My Broken Leg!

Well, just so everybody knows, I broke my leg Saturday night! :( We were playing Tennis with my sister and her husband and I'm going to spare you the details about how exactly it happened but I went to the doctor Sunday afternoon and sure enough it was broken! It was my Fibula bone about an inch above the ankle! So if anyone wants to come and visit me or anything it's very welcome! :) I don't get off the couch much! Looks like no more tennis for me for awhile!

Kids Playing Tennis!

I have been playing a lot of tennis lately since Igot my racket for my birthday! I even got little rackets for the kids to play with while Jeff and I play on the next court! Matthew and Kaitlyn have so much fun playing with them! They are so cute!

The Train!

Jeff took the kids to Pullman a few days ago so the kids could see the train there! Matthew has been asking to see a train for weeks and weeks! So Jeff went searching for one and he found what he was looking for in Pullman! The kids absolutely LOVED it! They had sooooo much fun! We will definately have to go back again!

This picture scares me a little bit! Jeff said that his head came up to the bottom of the red thing that the kids are sitting on! So they are very high up and then Jeff walks off to take the picture! Scary!!

New Hairdo!

I curled my hair the other night and Jeff really liked it and wanted me to put up a post about it! He says that he doesn't want me to wear it straight ever again! So I'm thinking about getting a perm with really really big curls so that it would look like this! What does everyone else think?

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Birthday!

Today was my 24th birthday and last night I had my two sisters and their families over for some yummy icecream pie that Jeff made! Sorry for all the pictures, but I had to put a bunch on here to show just how much fun we had! I tried to get a picture of everyone that came on here! Thanks everyone for coming and for the great gifts! I love you all!
This first one is probably my favorite! Its a picture of me with my two sisters!
Here was my big gift! I'm wanting to take up tennis, so I asked for tennis gear! That is a $100 racket! It was on sale for $40, but I still can say I have a $100 racket! :)
This was my gift from Tamara! She got me a whole Luau outfit! Thanks Tamara! It was great!
Kaity is taking up tennis also! Doesn't she have great form! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kaity's Strange Positions!

I just had to share these pictures! They are so funny! Kaity loves to find weird places to lie down when she is tired! Its never in normal traditional places! Notice how she has the same little pink blanket in every picture! That is her favorite blanket! She never goes anywhere without her 'night-night' as she calls it! Cute, huh! The first one is here on the couch, but its on the back of the couch! Not the seat of the couch!
This one is in the middle of the stairs! What made her want to lie down in the middle of the stairs? Go figure! It can't be comfortable!
This one I thought was funny because she is on the floor right in front of her bed! Why wouldn't she want to lay down on her bed? She is just so goofy!
This picture I had to put in to show the wall above our heater! The heater has stained it black! We have tried and tried to scrub it off but its there for life! I'm glad this isn't my permanent house! We told our landlord about and he acted like it was nothing and said that it was normal! Crazy, huh! Isn't it so ugly?!

Folding Clothes!

Kaity was being very cute today! She went upstairs to play in her room and a few minutes later a walked quietly up there to see what she was doing! She had gotten her laundry basket and pulled it up on her bed and began to 'fold' the dirty clothes! She was even making piles on her bed! It was very cute I had to take a picture of it! When she was all done she laid down and took a break! It must have tired her out! :)

My Bird Feeder!

I got a new birdfeeder at Walmart the other and it has suction cups so that it sticks right to a window! So I put it on the window by my front door low enough for my kids to see it! Birds come all day long and eat! Matthew and Kaity think that it is so neat and they just sit on the stairs and watch the birds come and go! I think that it was a very good idea to get this!

Bike Helmet and Pads!

Matthew is finally old enough to need a helmet and elbow and knee pads while he rides his bike! He scares me by the things he tries to do! He likes to go down our sidewalk very fast and it kind of slopes downward! And he thinks its fun to go really fast down the sidewalk and then turn and go flying of the sidewalk into the grass! I know I worry too much but thats my job right?! So I got him his first helmet and pads! He loves them! He thinks he is such a big boy in them!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Free Giveaway!

I love going to for a lot of my hair ideas that use! Well, she has started another blog thats mostly all about giveaways and stuff like that to help seperate her hair ideas and her giveaways! To get ther go to! Right now they are giving away a $200 flat iron! I'm very excited for this giveaway! Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Hair Accident!!!

Well, I don't know why I did it, but I wanted to go blonde again and as I was trying to dye it, it didn't turn out at all!! It was more orange-ish - Redd-ish! It didn't look good at all! Then this weekend I went up to my parent's house and my mom had some blonde streaks, so we spent the evening trying to fix my hair! So now its REALLY blonde! Almost white in some places! It actually looks a LOT better than it did, but seriously! What is it going to look like when my root grow out? I don't think I'm ever going to leave my house again! I hate it!!!