Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Smiling Ty

Tyler officially smiles for real now! Not just those accidental smiles! These pictures aren't the greatest. They were taken with my cell phone and I wasn't looking at the phone when I was taking them. I was too busy smiling at Tyler and he would smile back at me! He would have the biggest open mouth smiles! I loved them! I can't believe he is 7 weeks old already!

Pictures Of Tyler

Here are some pictures of Tyler that I have taken with my cell phone over the last few weeks.

 Matthew made Ty a paper hat at school one day and insisted that he wear it

 I love how Ty and Matthew are both looking at the camera
 Below, Matthew made this face on a paper plate and thought that it was so cool

Ty is such a big boy

Jeff was playing with Tyler last night and I was reading on the couch and Jeff said, 'Look, in a few months this is what he'll be doing'! It looked so cute seeing him sitting up like that! I could totally picture him sitting up on his own! Tyler is such a cute little boy! 

Tyler had a Dr. check-up yesterday and he is my little Buddha Baby! He weighed 11 lbs. 7 oz. and was 21 3/4 in. long! He is just under the 50% in height and just under the 75% in weight! My kids have NEVER reached above the 50% in weight EVER!! He definitely takes after me! :)

Playing In The Snow

On Saturday Jeff took the kids outside to play in the snow while I stayed in with Ty. They had so much fun. Matthew and Kaity love playing in the snow.
They built a snowman
 Kaity is sitting on the snowman's head. Daddy thinks of some crazy things. :)
 Matthew threw a snowball at Kaity while she was swinging! It looks like it is headed right for her. I wonder if it actually hit her. :)

 Under the tire swing 
 I love Kaity's face here!
 Snowball fight with the camera

 Jeff says that this was all his idea.

First Heels

Kaity wore her very first pair of heels on Sunday! She is getting so big! She thought that she was all that with heels on. I can't believe that she is gonna be 5 years old in just about 2 months! 

First Time In The Snow This Year

It snowed a little bit last week. So Kaity and I had to go and play in it. Matthew was in school and Jeff was at work and Tyler was taking his nap so it was just us girls! It was pretty fun! Kaity had a blast sliding down the hill. We need to get some sleds for this winter!

 We found some snow without any footprints and we made a heart in it! Kaity thought it was so awesome. :)

Kaity In A Box

Kaity came up behind and sat in this box and said, 'Mommy, Santa brought you a present! Open it!' 
She was my present in the box! I have no idea how she fit inside of the wet wipes box, but it was funny! 

My Boys

I was working on the computer the other day and I swaddled Tyler all up and set him in the chair next to me. He liked just looking around. He stayed quite content. It was really cute!
 Matthew came in and saw Tyler sitting there and instantly had to be right next to him. Its cute how much Matthew loves Ty.
 He is always doing silly things and he insisted on me taking a picture of him pretending to plug Ty's nose! Silly Boy.
 Here is Matthew's favorite pose. He likes to pretend to kiss Tyler and then he sits there like that until you take the picture! :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tyler's Cross- Stitching

I have made a cross-stitching picture for each of my kids that says their birthday and weight at birth and their name. I just finished Tyler's. I think it turned out pretty well.  
 Here is a picture of Kaitlyn's
And here is a picture of Matthew's
You can tell that each one I do, I get better! I made sooooo many mistakes on Matthew's and some mistakes on Kaity's. Don't try to find them! :) But I don't think I messed up on Tyler's! Yay! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Little Butterball

I had to take these pictures. He looks so chunky. Its good to see some meat on his little bones finally! :)
 He was so alert and happy. He was actually smiling really cute in this photo, but right when I took the picture he put his hand up in front of his mouth! Dang it! 

Belly Time

Tyler has been doing a great job at holding his head up and looking around. He can't do it for very long, but it gets to be longer and longer each time! He's getting so big! I can't believe that he is already 6 weeks old! 
 He likes to hold his eyes open SO wide! He looks so worried/surprised when he does it. Its funny!
 I love this little smirk he has here! 
 And of course I had to get one of him crying!

Ty Trying To Sleep

Thinking about going to sleep...
  Deciding that it is a good idea to sleep...
 Finally falling asleep!
Out like a light! I love my little guy!


I have NEVER been any good at swaddling up babies and I never swaddled Matthew or Kaity (mostly because I couldn't figure out how to do it well), but I have to admit that I have gotten pretty good at it. Sure it has taken me 6 weeks, but I have finally learned how to do a excellent swaddle! :) Whenever I swaddle Tyler up he can't keep his eyes open! Its like magic! :)

Matthew LOVES posing! He always pretends to kiss Tyler and says take a picture Mommy! Then he just sits there until I take a picture. He's so funny! :)