Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lots of new posts! Look at them all!

The New Fence!

This weekend, Jeff finished the new fence that he was putting up in our front yard to one: keep our kids in the yard, and two: keep other people out of our yard! I think he did very well on it! I like the look of the lattice! The only problem with it is that it doesn't open, but that's not a big deal! Right when he finished building it, Matthew went over to it and looked at it for a minute and then went over to the cement wall next to it and climbed over it! So it didn't keep Matthew in, but I'm not too worried about him! He knows how to stay close and everything! It does work with Kaity though! Good job Jeff! It looks great!


Its so funny to me how kids naturally do the same things! Here I have a picture of Kaity (She is 3 years old) from last sunday with Jeff's headphones on, that she found and put on all by herself!
And here, I have a picture of Mathhew (At age 3) and he found and put on the same headphones and put them on!

They are so funny! But oh so cute! There are so many times that Kaity will do the same things that Matthew used to do! All by herself, nobody told her to do them!


My dad came to visit last weekend to hear Elder Bednar speak at my old student ward! Matthew and Kaity love it when he comes to visit! He was over at my house one afternoon. He ended up falling asleep and Matthew and Kaity slowly made their was in his lap! Kaity snuggled right into his side and Matthew snuck up on his lap on the other side! All without waking him up! I came downstairs from putting the laundry away, and this is what I saw! We love you Pappaw!

Kaity's Hair!

I have really been liking Kaity's hair with some curl in it! So I've been braiding it a lot at night and then leting it be curly the next day! Its my new favorite thing! But seriously, look how adorable she is with curls! I absolutely LOVE it!
Here is a good shot of the bunny bows that I made!


Last weekend Jeff had the opportunity to take Matthew fishing! Moscow was doing to thing where they stocked the pond and provided all the poles and worms for free! They got up at 7:30 and went fishing for about an hour! Jeff said that Matthew had a hard time at first with putting the worm on the hook! Matthew really likes worms and didn't want to hurt it, but I was told that he got over that real quick. They did catch anything, but had fun father-son time! Kaity and I had good mother-daughter time as well! When the boys came back home, they found us still sleeping! :) Us girls like our sleep!

Girl's Night Out!

A couple of weekends ago, my sister and I went out for a girl's night out! It was a lot of fun! We went to the Pullman theater and saw 'Date Night'! It was a funny movie and a fun night! I'm glad that I live this close to my sisters so that we can get together this easily whenever we want to! I hope that we can spend more time together before all of our lives change from jobs or moving away or new additions to families! Love you guys!

We had a hard time trying to get all three of us in the picture! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Playing In The Back Yard!

It was such a nice today today! I don't know how hot it actually got but it was supposed to get up to 73 degrees today! It definately felt that, if not hotter! It was fantastic! The kids were outside all day! No naptime today! They were in our back yard playing today and I had to get a picture because they were playing so cute together! This is their favorite place to play outside. On the wall surrounding my yard! Its really cute to watch them together! I believe that I have the best kids in the world! I'm so lucky to have them in my life! I couldn't imagine my life without them! They bring me so much happiness! :)

Kaity's Birthday Present!

Last week we got Kaity's birthday present from Jeff's Mom! She got her this awesome horse blanket! She knows how much my kids love horses! This blanket is surprisingly thick! Its very warm and very soft! I almost didn't want to give it to her and keep it for myself! :) Its pretty good sized for her as well! I gave it to her when they were sitting down and eating their bedtime snack. As soon as I showed it to her, she insisted on wrapping up in it to finish her snack! She went to my sister's house to be babysat the next day, and she insisted on bringing the blanket with her! And she has had to sleep with it every night since she got! Thanks so much Linda! She absolutely LOVES it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

After The Braids!

I took out Kaity's braids this morning! I love how bouncy it made her hair! I love the crimped look! I love having a little girl that I can play around with her hair and dress her up! My favorite part of doing Kaity's hair is the Mommy-Daughter bonding time! Its so much fun! I love having something only I can do with her! She has even gotten to love it! Whenever she sees a comb or clip or anything, then she wants to do my hair! Its super cute!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kaity's Braids!

Last night Jeff was up doing laundry for me (I've been having to take it easy since I had my miscarriage operation called a DNC) and he took Matthew with him. So Kaity and I were just sitting on the couch, cuddling and watching a movie. I had put rag curls in her hair a few nights before and I need to do her hair again anyway. So I told Kaity that I wanted to do her hair. She got in her original position on the floor where I always do her hair! And I started brushing it out and thinking about what I wanted to do. When I was in like Jr. High my sister used to put a bunch of braids in my hair. I used to love it because it feels so cool and it stayed out of my face! So I got started! It actually didn't take very long once I got started! My sister, Tara, came over and gave the kids some suckers, so that helped her sit still too! After we were done I took her to the mirror to let her see what I had done! She just started giggling! She loved it! She kept running her fingers through her hair. I think it was a success! I think I will do this again in the future for her! Especially on day that we go swimming! It's nice that her hair stays out of her face without me having to fix it!
I tried to get an action shot of her hair! Isn't it weird looking! I love it! I think she is absolutely adorable in the braids!

Easter Morning!

For Easter we went up to my Parent's house along with my 2 sisters and their families! It was pretty crowded, but thats what makes it fun! I know it took me WAY too long to finally get all these Easter pictures up, but I finally did so here they all are! Here are Matthew and Kaity's Easter baskets! They each got a little stuffed animals and if you undo the Velcro on the bottom then it turns into a pillow! They loved it!
This picture shows how sleepy me and Jeff were! This was the one morning that Matthew and Kaity was actually going to sleep in, but around 7 my Mom came into the room and woke us all up and said that everyone was waiting gor us! We were all still tired!
Here is Matthew looking for Easter eggs with all of his cousins!
Finding his EAster basket that the Easter Bunny hid!
Still looking for eggs!
Heres Kaity finding her Easter basket!
She was so happy from all the excitement! Biggest smile ever!
She had to take a break on her animal pillow that the Easter Bunny got her!
Isn't this the coolest sucker! When I saw it in her basket I thought that it was pretty cool! It tasted good too! :)

Egg Coloring!

The night before Easter we all dyed Easter eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide! This is always a favortie with the kids! They always love it and have so much fun doing it!
Kaity was always so serious doing it because she was concentrating so hard!
Isn't Matthew's egg so cool! He did that all by himself! He was very proud of himself!

Easter Egg Hunt!

The day before Easter, we went and had an Easter egg hunt! The kids were SOOOO excited! The only problem was that we got there a little too early and the kids hated having to wait until they could go and get the eggs! So we got a lot of waiting before pictures!
Then they blew this whistle and everyone took off! Jeff stayed with Kaity and Matthew and I went running for the other side of the field looking for the much desired plastic eggs! We never found any of the plastic ones but we found a bunch of the real eggs! The whole hunt lasted like 30 seconds! So I didn't get any pictures during the hunt, but here are some after the hunt! Matthew and Kaity both got a bunch of eggs and they had so much fun doing it!