Monday, September 28, 2009

Red Light, Green Light!

Tonight, we needed to have a competition to see who was going to go to the store with Daddy! So we decided to play Red Light, Green Light to see who the winner would be! It ended up being Matthew, of course. Kaity insisted on being the leader in the game and it was sooooo cute that I had to take a video of it! In these videos Kaity is Saying Red Light, Green Light! (Only her mother can understand it though!) :) Jeff and I couldn't decide on which video to post, so you get to see both of them! Hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Awesome Giveaway!

Everybody should go over to She is having an awesome giveaway! Its those curl formers that I've been wanting! She's giving away a 40 pack! Katelyn, this means you! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm FINALLY all done!

As most of you know, I broke my leg at the end of May! It has been a VERY long summer! No swimming, no driving! Nothing! Well, today was my FINAL Dr.'s appointment! YAY!!!!!!!!! Here is a picture of my companions throughout the summer! I had the big hot boot on from May to the end of August! And I had the Stirrup brace on from August to the end of September! It is the best feeling to be able to say, GOOD-BYE!!!!!!! Anybody ready for the boot burning party? :)

Although, this is what I look like now! My left leg has gotten even more muscular and my right leg has nothing in it! All my muscles are gone! Now I've got a lot of work to do getting them to look the same again!

Monday, September 21, 2009

First Day of School!

Today was Matthew's first day of school at Preschool! He was so excited! (I was pretty excited, too!) I got a few pictures of him before we left!

Kaity wanted to do everything just like Matthew! She wanted to be in all the pictures! She really wanted to stay at the school, too!
Here they are right in front of the school! Its the same place that he went last year! So he already knew his way around and knew all the teachers!
Here he is right infront of his cubby! Doesn't he look all handsome and big standing there smiling with his nametag and everything! He's my big boy!
As we were leaving Kaity wanted to pose for some more pictures! We couldn't get her away!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Latah County Fair!

Today we went to the fair here in Moscow! It was sad that Jeff had to work, but the kids and I had so much fun! Matthew is finally tall enough to go on some of the rides and he thought it was the coolest thing ever! He felt like such a big boy! Its too bad that Kaity is just slightly to short for them! She had to just watch! :( Matthew LOVED this airplane ride! It took him a little while to realize that he had to pull back on the handles to make it go up in the air! But he seriously had so much!
Here's when he figured it out! He stayed up ion the air the whole time!
He even got to ride on a rollar coaster! He said that this was his absolute favorite ride there! It went so fast, I got a little scared, but he loved it! He would even put his arms up and say "WEE"!!!!!!!! He is such a big boy now!
Kaity was a little too short, but I snuck her on the ferris wheel! All three of got to ride on the ferris wheel together! Kaity was so excited that she got to ride on something! They were all smiles the whole time! We might have to go tomorrow and do it again!
Here's the view from the top of the ferris wheel!
Of course we went to go and see the animals! My kids just love all animals! I was so happy that they weren't too scared to pet the animals! I didn't take too many pictures of the animal part of the fair! It was pretty much the same as last year and I figured you could look back at last year's post of it!

"Just Like Mommy"!!

Kaity loves to point out my new glasses (as much as I hate it, its still cute when she does!) She think that they are really my new eyes! Well, she told me that she wanted to wear her sunglasses! She said that they are "just like Mommy's"! It was so cute! She even left them on inside the house! She wore them for like 3 hours straight! I loved it that she wanted to be like me! :)

Insects and Snakes!

Matthew has been all about the bugs and snakes this summer! We would have to go walking around outside everyday looking for stuff! He kept begging us for a snake! We actually caught a snake, but it only lasted one night! Then the next day I found this praying Mantis in our back yard! Matthew thought that it was pretty cool! He would sit and watch it! It was an active little critter, too! We let it go a day or so later! Then today as we were walking to the car Matthew saw a snake in our back yard! Jeff wasn't home, so I had to toughen up and catch it for him! So now we have another snake! Sorry no picture! Don't you just love the things that moms have to do for their sons! :) He is one happy little boy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Family Round-Up Day!

WARNING: This post is LONG!!!
Last Saturday, in Moscow, there was a kind of carnival called Family Round-Up Day! A local church was putting it on! It was SOOO much fun! Matthew and Kaity LOVED it so much! They had all kinds of fun things to do! They had a obstacle course and jumping house! Matthew could do the obstacle course so fast! I couldn't even keep up with him!

I didn't know how Matthew would do going up this wall, but he did it so fast! He is getting so big!
Here he is at the finish! He turned around and did it over and over and over again!
Here's Kaity going through it! She had a little more trouble with it! But she still did really good!
They also had Horse Rides! Matthew almost jumped out of his skin when he found out that he could actually ride a horse! He loves horses sooo much, but he's never actually gotten to ride on one before! He was so big about it! He went all by himself and loved it! They went pretty far too! The horse kept whipping his legs with its tail, and he got a little weirded out by it! But he was just like a little cowboy!
Matthew wanted to stay with the horses forever! He never wanted to leave! Even Kaity got up on a horse by herself! She wasn't afraid at all! She couldn't ride by herself though... So Jeff got on up with her for the ride! But as you can see Matthew didn't want to let the horse leave without him, so he was hugging its leg! While he was hugging it's leg, the lady came and picked him and threw him on behind Jeff! Then they all three went for the horse ride!
They also had a hayride pulled by a tractor! It was super fun and Matthew and Kaity both loved this as well!
I made Jeff take one picture of me! Thats the problem with being the camera person! I never get to be in any of the pictures! Doesn't Kaity look too adorable in the picture!?! She was very happy!
They also had face painting! Of course Matthew wanted a horse painted on his cheeck! He literally cried when we had to wash it off that night! They had some big straw hats for the kids to play with after the BBQ and Matthew put it on his head and started running around! He is so silly! Isn't a HUGE hat!? While we ate our burgers, they had a band come and play some music and sing for us! Kaity got up and started dancing SO cute! She had some moves that I had never seen before! I loved it!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ticket Winner!

I know! I know! Call me a dork! I like to go to Bumper Palace in the Palouse Mall to let the kids play in the ball pit and stuff, and then I use a few quarters on this sweet machine to get some tickets really fast so that Matthew and Kaity can get some toys or candy at the counter! Matthew loves these little dinosaurs that they have there! Well, this time when we went, the jackpot was 340! So I played a few tickets and I won the jackpot when it was at 345! So all in all we ended up with 380 tickets! Matthew and Kaity were soooo in heaven! They got some toy animals and dinosaurs and tons of candy! (Sorry, the pictures are a little blurry!)

Jeff wanted to see how long the winning tickets would go, so he had me go the legnth of the tickets that we won and it went the whole legnth of the store! Crazy, huh!?!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Addition To Me!

I recently have found out that I am in need of glasses! I am not very happy about it and I think that I look rediculous! I guess that its going to take some getting used to! I thought that I should tell every body about it on here so that I don't have to experience your first reactions to it! Then when you see me in person, you can lie and tell me how good they look! :)

New Knotty Hair Do!

I know this is on my hair instead of Kaity's! I also did this to Kaity's hair but it didn't look as good because her hair was too short and I couldn't really find anything to pin it down tight enough! So I decided to show you my hair! I really liked this hairdo and I wanted to share it everyone! All you do is tie knots ( like you tieing your shoes) but do not pull it all the way tight! You can do all sorts of different styles with this! All I did was tie it all the way back and then fastened it with bobby pins! Hope you like it!

Crab Dinner!

The other day we went to Safeway and picked up some crab legs from the deli! They were so good! I also went to Red Lobster's web page and found the recipe for their famous biscuits! You can go to my other blog that I manage at to see the recipe for them! They tasted just like Red Lobster's! It was such a good dinner! It felt just like eating at Red Lobster!

Snuggle Buddy!

Matthew LOVES to cuddle up in blankets and soft cuddley pillows! He must get that from me! :) Well, Jeff gave this GIANT teddy bear for me for our very first Valentines' Day together, and Matthew found it in the closet! He has insisted on sleeping with it every night and every naptime! I think that it is adorable! Especially since it is so much bigger than he is!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

3 Zig-Zag Ponies!

Heres a hair do that I just stumbled into this morning! Its nothing too special and it was really easy, but I thought it was really cute! I hope you do too!