Friday, June 20, 2008

The Stray Dog!!

The other night Matthew was playing outside and I looked out to check on him and he was playing with a dog!! I guess the dog just jumped in our backyard , grabbed one of our balls, and Matthew started throwing it for him!! It was a very sweet dog! We all started playing with it! She knew a lot of tricks and could catch the ball in the air! It made me want my own dog a lot!! Matthew LOVED playing with the dog! He never wanted to come inside. When we all finally did come inside the dog took our ball and left! We haven't seen her or the ball since!!

Our Grass!

Here's a little update on the grass we planted a few weeks ago! You can go back on my blog and look at what it looked like in the beginning! As you can see, it looks really good! We're going to get some bricks to go around the rose bushes. The kids love playing in the grass now! I'm glad we stopped trying to plant flowers there!! Nothing would ever grow because of my neighbors little boy!! He would always go in there and dig up the dirt and run on the flowers!! Now he can run on it all he wants!!

Father's Day!

On Father's Day this is what Jeff did a lot of the day!! He loves his X-box. We did a lot for him to make his day special. We let him sleep in and we made him breakfast (He wanted a homemade sausage McMuffin)! We went on a walk that day and he played X-box. He says he had a good Father's Day!!


Here's an update on Kaitlyn! She is learning so much! She's such a little chatterbox! She is constantly talking and singing and experimenting with different sounds! She's learning how to run now and doing really good with it. She loves coloring with sidewalk chalk outside on the patio. Her and Matthew love playing together! They can make each other laugh so hard! As you can tell by the first two pictures, I'm having a fun time having a little girl with a lot of hair! I try something new almost every day!! She is just so much fun!!


Here's a little update on Matthew!! He's growing up soooo fast! He's at the fun stage where he has to do everything all by himself! He does so many funny things throughout the day that just make me laugh! He loves immitating things now, too! He has some tv show completely memorized and he'll just talk right along with it! It's really cute! He loves playing 'doggy' just like I did when I was little! I love my little man!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Snow Day!!

Here's just a little taste of what we woke up to this morning!! The weather here in North Idaho is CRAZY!!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Birthday Presents!

Grandma Palmer got Matthew the horse sleeping bag and the horse set with the stables and the fence. They were such wonderful presents. I know I have pictures of Kaity on the sleeping bag, but Matthew loves it too, I just didn't think to get the camara out until he had gotten up! You can also see Matthew on his big horse that we got him!

Matthew's 3rd Birthday Party!

Matthew had a great birthday on Friday! He got so many great gifts. He got a lot of horses and cars and clothes! All of his favorite things (except for the clothes. Thise are Mommy's favorite things)! He got this big horse that has stell legs so that Matthew can sit on top of it without it breaking! He and Kaity both love it and fight over it all the time now! It's so cute! Kaity loves whatever Matthew loves! She's such a little mini-Matthew! Cami, Mike, Tara , and Tamara all came and had fun with us! Thanks for the gifts everyone!!