Friday, December 31, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

We decorated gingerbread houses at my parent's house again this year. Of course its one of my kids favorite things about Christmas time. I know there are a bunch of pictures I just couldn't choose.
 She is so excited (to eat all the candy)

 Here's my sister and her daughter
 Here's all of us hard at work

 She is concentrating so hard on her house

 1 scoop on the house 3 scoops in the mouth

 Kaity's finished house
 Matthew's finished house
 and Jeff's finished... dice
 Here's everybody's houses, including Tara and Tamara's

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Face Painting

The other day the kids were very stir crazy being stuck inside, but it was way too cold to go outside. So I pulled out our face painting that we got at Halloween. This is what the kids told me that they wanted, so I went with it. They loved it and thought that it was so much fun.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast

I went to Matthew's school today because they were doing a craft day with all the Kindergarteners. It was actually pretty fun. I love going to Matthew's school because he is always so excited to see me, and it was extra nice today because it was just me. Kaity was at school. I was so mad because I forgot my camera, but then I was thinking and they did something like this at Thanksgiving where they invited all the families to come have a Thanksgiving feast with them. So I went searching for those pictures! I know its like a month late, but here they are. It was a lot of fun then too!
 Here they are all holding hands in a circle singing a really cute song that they learned. Kaity even joined in with them!

WSU Christmas Party

We went to a Christmas Party last weekend that WSU put on for all their employees. It was pretty fun! As soon as we got there we jumped in line to see Santa and Santa Butch! We were one of the first ones in line, and thank goodness for that because the whole reset of the night the line was so long that it was out the door!

 Here's Kaity sitting on Santa Butch's lap
 And then on Santa's lap. She told Santa that she wanted a puppy. I wish I could get her a real puppy. Thats all she wants. Santa had a broken nose or something. It was weird.
 Then it was Matthew's turn...
 Here he is telling Santa that he wants a really big dragon!

 They had face painting there. The girls doing the painting were actually really good. They made good pictures.

 They had all kinds of fun crafts. Our favorite one was making some ornament balls. They had some clear empty ornament balls and then we poured paint inside of it and let it drip down. We put a bunch of different colors inside and let them all swirl together. It was actually pretty cool and easy.

Here's how they turned out!

WSU Today Update

After our Christmas party that we went to for the WSU employees, this was in there newsletter about the event! Out of all the kids there, and there were a LOT!!!! They chose the picture of Kaity! Thats proof that she is the cutest little girl in the whole world! Sorry that the picture is so small. I didn't know how to make it bigger.
Then they made a little video about the event and Matthew and Kaity are both in the video, Matthew is actually in the video twice! You can check out the video here.

Santa at the Horse Museum

We went to the horse museum to see Santa 2 weekends ago. I'm a little behind posting things. First, when we got there we got to decorate sugar cookies and then eat them.
 Matthew's eyes are always closed when I would take his picture. Drives me crazy.

 Then Santa rode up on his horse and greeted all the kids. For some stupid reason I didn't put boots on the kids and the snow was so deep. We got so cold.
 Then we all waited in line to sit on Santa's horse. Probably would have been better if I didn't have them sit up there together, but I was so cold I wanted to go back inside.
 Here we are waiting in line to sit on Santa's lap. They are still working on those sugar cookies that they decorated. If you take a really good look at Jeff's face in this picture, you can kind of see his 'Bells Palsey'. The right side of his face has stopped working. The Dr. says they are pretty sure that he will regain full movement back in his face, but it takes a few months. You can really see it in his eye. His eyebrow is a lot lower and his eye isn't as scrunched from smiling like his other eye. You can't really tell by the picture but his right side of his mouth doesn't work either.
And of course Matthew's eyes are closed again!
 Still waiting in line for Santa! Waiting Waiting Waiting...
 At last we finally made it to Santa Claus! Matthew was so excited to finally see him!
 This is the first year that Kaity wasn't afraid of Santa. She just ran right up to him and told him what she wanted. It was really cute.

Spyro The Dragon

Does anybody remember this game...
Well, it used to be my absolute favorite game ever! I have played pretty much all of the Spyro games. I think I got the Play Station just for this game. Well anyway, I was cleaning the other day and I found my old play station and the Spyro games. I pulled them out and started playing them again and before I knew it Matthew and Kaity were right there next to me. Very interested in the game. They had NEVER shown much interest in video games. I should have known that they would like it though. They like anything that has to do with dragons. So I let them play. They LOVED it!! Matthew does pretty good at it, too. Its cute watching them play it. They ask to play every single day. I have to set a timer for them to take turns because they both like it so much. It super cute!

The person not playing gets to hold my cell phone that is counting the minutes until they get to play again!
Matthew looks just like Jeff here! :)