Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Pregnant!

Well, if you didn't know already, I'm pregnant! We are all very excited for this little baby, but it has been a very stressful 1st trimester so far! We were so paranoid about losing this baby like we did our last baby. We discovered that we lost our last baby because I had Diabetes and didn't know it, so my blood sugars were WAY too high. When you have really high blood sugars when your pregnant, it stops growth in the baby. So we've been very nervous for this pregnancy as well! I got started on insulin and I'm trying very hard to keep my sugars low. So far so good! I had a dr. appointment yesterday. When they tried to listen to the heartbeat my heartbeat kept getting in the way and they couldn't hear it very good. When they could hear the heartbeat, (I never could. It was too quiet) they couldn't get a good count on how fast the beats were because the baby kept moving around! Very good sign! So I got to get another ultrasound! I was so happy that I got to see my baby again! The baby measured perfectly at 11 weeks and the heartbeat was very strong! 167 beats per minute! We were all very happy to be able to see and hear our baby!

This was the ultrasound from yesterday at 11 weeks 3 days.
And this was my first ultrasound at 7 weeks 2 days!
 Its fun to see how much the baby grows and developes in just a few weeks!

Matthew's Girlfriend!

I first found out that Matthew liked a girl named Holly when I walked into my office and Matthew had written "Holly" on EVERY piece of paper in the office! I mean everything! Even important stuff! When I asked him who Holly was, he got very red and shy and eventually said that she is a girl that he sits by at school! He had learned how to wite her name by looking on the Valentine that she had given him, which he insisted on hanging on the wall above his bed. So I told his teacher about his little crush and she thought it was so cute. She made a note to herself to make sure that they always get to sit by each other. Which I'm still not sure is a good thing! :) The other day Matthew and Kaity were coloring and making pictures and Matthew said that he wanted to color a picture to give to Holly. So I said okay and this is what he came up with!
And yes, that is our phone number at the bottom! :) With a few mistakes, but I still think it was pretty good! I guess he's expecting a phone call from her! He is such a silly boy! I'm going to have my hands full if he's already girl crazy! :)

Brushing Hair

Last Saturday, we all just stayed in our pajamas and had a lazy day and played games and watched movies and stuff. While Jeff and I were playing a game and the kids were watching a movie, I looked over and Kaity had gotten out her hair stuff and was fixing Matthew's hair! I thought it looked so cute that Matthew actually sat there and let Kaity do that! He doesn't even let me brush his hair hardly! 

 In this picture, Kaity saw that I was taking a picture and she was trying to get Matthew to look at the camera and smile! She is going to be a good little helper for the new baby!

Kaity's Outfit

Kaity wanted to wear her new outfit the next day after her birthday! So I had to get a picture of it because shes so dang cute!
 Matthew jumped in for the second picture! I gotta say, I have cute kids! :)

Kaity's 4th Birthday!

On January 20th 2011, my little baby girl turned 4. I can't believe how old she is now! She's such a good little girl and she makes us all so happy! For her birthday we had a small little family party! Decorated the house and blew up a bunch of balloons!
 She really wanted an M n' M McFlurry from McDonald's. So here she is getting one all to her self! Of course she couldn't finish it! :)

 Here's my little poser! Always loves to pull a pose for a picture.
 We were having a bigger party with Cami and everybody the next day, so we wanted to save most her presents for then, but we did let her open her big present. Its a Wii game! It comes with a baby doll and you put the Wii remote in the baby's back. Then you control the baby in the game. Its like a babysitting game. You have to keep the baby happy by feeding it or rocking it to sleep. Stuff like that!

 Here she is playing the game! Look at that concentration!
Now its the next day and we have Cami's whole family over for a bigger party. I made a butterfly cake for Kaity and she loved it!
Here she is blowing out the candles. It took her like 7 tries! Silly girl!
 She was so proud of herself after she finally blew (spit) out all the candles!

 Then she got to open more presents! She love this dress!
 This was Mommy's favorite! It has grown on her too, and she chooses to wear it a lot!
 She also got this sleeping mask. Her and Matthew were both really cute with this.
 She also got some farting putty! You push down on it in the tube it comes in and it makes farting noises! Kaity and Matthew still LOVE this toy and they have gotten pretty good and making some real sounding farts! They giggle and laugh about it everytime!
 Matthew even made a friend at the party! (With Livia's help)
 Of course she insisted on sleeping with her new sleeping mask! She is so cute!

Happy Birthday Kaity! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kaity's 4th Birthday Party (at school)

On Kaity's birthday, they had a party for her at school. Her teachers got her a fun little gift bag that had some toys and stuff in it and a little stuffed kitty that she still loves. It was very nice of them to do that! One of her teachers even made her a special birthday hat.
 Matthew and I went to her school to spend some time with her and have snack time with her. Here she is at circle time. She tried to sit by Matthew, but it looks like this kid really wanted to sit by her!

 We got there just in time for recess! Matthew and Kaity had fun playing together!
 Waiting to wash their hands for snacktime!
 Passing out her snack that she brought! Cheese-it alphabet crackers. They told me that I could bring something if it was store bought and not sugary. Had to be somewhat nutritous! Lame!
 Matthew loves helping out Kaity! He takes such good care of her!
 Here we are at snack time! I love my kiddos so much!
Happy Birthday Kaitlyn! I love you!

Christmas Gifts

The first thing that I want to get caught up on would be my Christmas gifts that I made for my family this year. I know its far from being Christmas, but I just wanted to share this now that I can! 

 The most time consuming gift that I made were some coasters. They are actually made out of curling ribbon. You start by wrapping it around a toothpick and when their is enough to hold onto, you take it off the toothpick and just keep wrapping. Just make sure that you keep it very tight! When you finish with a color, then you just tape it down and then start a new color.
 When you are all done and you have it the size that you want, then I covered it with a few coats of Mod Podge and then when that was all dry, I sprayed it with a clear top coat. I think they turned out pretty cool.
 Then when everything is all dry, then you hot glue some corkboard to the back. And you're done.
 I also finally finished my Christmas stocking. I wasn't very motivated to finish it for some reason, so it took me forever, but now it is finished!
 And now we all have matching stockings that I have made!
 For my parents I made this platter and bowl. Its a plate and bowl that was glued to candlestick holders with gorrila glue. I thought they looked pretty fancy.

 For my nieces, I made them some flower headbands. Which I'm sure everybody already knows how to make!

I'M BACK!!!!!!

I know that it has been FOREVER! But I finally just bought some more memory! I can't post pictures quite yet because it said that I have to wait 24 hours for them to process the order. But it is bought and soon I will beable to post ALL my pictures that I have been saving up! I'm very excited to start blogging again! It has been way too long and I definately have missed it!