Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Magic Show

We got to go to a magic show that was put on in Moscow. Kaity's school gave us free tickets for it. We were really excited for the show. I can't remember the magicians name but he had just finished doing a world tour. He was actually pretty good! Right before the show started they said that the kids could come down and sit in the front. I was so sad. During the whole show I just kept wandering what Matthew and Kaity were thinking about it. There were some pretty scary stunts where if he didn't get unshackled by a certain amount of time, giant spikes would fall on him. I could tell when Matthew and Kaity were scared or excited. I could see their little heads bobbing around because they couldn't hold still. They were bouncing with anticipation.

Tyler ended up falling asleep and was asleep the whole time, which I thought was so crazy because the music was soooooo loud!

He even had his own tigers there. He had a snow tiger and a regular tiger and he got them out of the cage and fed them a bottle right there in front of the kids! Crazy!

At the end someone was nice enough to take a quick family picture of us! :) We had a great time! The kids couldn't stop talking about it! They absolutely loved it! When we came home they kept trying to do their own magic tricks! It was super cute!

First Biter's Biscuit

Tyler had his first biter's biscuit during his 6th month. He didn't really know what to think about it! He liked it at first, but they aren't made how I remembered and it kind of crumbled and broke apart pretty easily and then he started choking on it. But before that he liked it! :)


He also had his first baby juice. It was apple. He liked it but wasn't sure what to do with it since it wasn't milk. Its nice to be able to keep things like juice and snacks in the diaper bag for him now. It makes things a lot easier when I'm out and about! :)

Belly Sleeping

I had Tyler playing on his tummy one afternoon while I was doing dishes in the kitchen and he was playing good with his new mirror and then it got real quiet, so I came to check on him. This is what I found. 

He had actually fallen asleep laying on his tummy! That was the first time he did that, but now he insists on sleeping on his tummy every night! :)

Easter Morning

This Easter wasn't the best Easter. Tyler was really sick with a couple of different things and so he had been very grumpy and not sleepy well and not eating well. Just over all miserable (for me too). So our Easter morning was pretty quiet. Then after we found our baskets and found the eggs and had our breakfast, Jeff and the kids went to church and then to my Sister's house where they had their big Easter dinner and played games and hung out. My parents came down here this year so they were there, too. Tyler and I stayed home and got in some good naps and rested up. By the evening he was feeling better and we went on a small walk outside. Definitely wasn't the best Easter. Hopefully next year things will be better and everybody will be feeling well.

Here are the Easter baskets:

Tyler's (and Mommy's and Daddy's)

And Kaity's

Matthew had that chocolate bunny eaten pretty fast! That boy likes his chocolate!

The first thing Kaity did was dump out her bucket to see everything that she had!

Tyler loved chewing on all the candy in their wrappers

Then we went searching for the Easter eggs

The kids were so proud of their eggs that they colored and got to find!

Here they are finding all the eggs that they did themselves. They didn't want the ones that they didn't color.

Since I was stuck at home with Tyler and didn't get ready for church we couldn't really get a nice family Easter picture. So as Jeff was running out the door, I gave him the camera and asked him to take a picture with him and the kids after church. This is what he came back with:
I was so sad! You can't even see the nice outfits! Oh well. We'll have to take an extra nice one next year!

6 Months Old

Tyler has made it to his 6 month birthday already. I can't believe it. He has been with us for half of a year and it has been so much fun! At his 6 month check up he weighed 16 pounds 0 ounces and he was 26 inches long. He has been learning how to do all kinds of things. I can't believe how alert he is all the time. He has to always know what is going on around him. That makes feeding time really fun. He is always reaching out to grab anything and everything. He started sitting up by himself and he loves tummy time. He also is learning how to turn in a circle while on his stomach. Won't be long before he is crawling everywhere.

The pictures started out just fine. He just sat there and let me take a picture...

Then he sat forward...

Then he noticed the paper behind him...

We attempted to stop him...

but when he has his mind set on something, there is absolutely no stopping him.

Dying Easter Eggs

This was the first year that we dyed Easter Eggs by ourselves at home. I have to admit. It was kinda rough. The kids had zero patience. Right after they dipped an egg in they wanted to take it out. Tyler was sick and grumpy, so he needed to be held and then he would try and grab EVERYTHING!! But the kids did enjoy it and they had fun looking at the eggs that they dyed all by themselves. I think for next year I need to try and find ways to make it a little more fun and interesting.

Tyler wanted to get his hands on everything!

Coloring with a white crayon

I found these awesome egg dippers. It made it super easy to get the eggs in and out of the dye

Easter Egg Hunt

Tyler was very sick with multiple problems over Easter weekend, so, unfortunately, I had to stay home with him while Jeff and the kids got to have all the fun. They went to a park in Pullman and had an Easter egg hunt. I heard that it was a lot of fun. Cami and her family and Mammaw and Pappaw came to it as well. 

Here are the kids in front of our BRAND NEW MINI VAN right before they left.

I heard that the Easter Bunny even made an appearance.

They got to play at the playground while they waited for the hunt to begin!

Almost time...

And they're off. Jeff said that they didn't allow parents to go out on the field with the kids. But as you can tell not everybody followed the rules. 

They were so excited afterwards

They both find gold eggs with prizes inside. Matthew even found two.

Here they are with their prizes! 
They had a lot of fun!

Outside Play

While we were at my parent's house we had a pretty warm day, so we all took advantage of it and went outside to play. Here are a few random shots of us outside having fun.



Jeff and Me

Matthew and Kaity jumping on the trampoline. I love Kaity skirt!

Good thing there is a netting around it. It looks like Matthew would have jumped right off.

I told the kids to make some funny faces while they jumped. Kaity won with this picture. Her face crackes me up! :)