Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day!

We had a pretty good Father's Day this year! I wish I didn't have a broken leg because I couldn't really do very much for Jeff, but I did as much as I could! He had to help make his dinner, but he said that he didn't mind! He wanted my Chicken Enchiladas! He played a lot of X-Box (his favorite thing), and we played a lot of board games. Matthew and Kaity had fun playing Yahtzee with us!

Here's the gift that I made for him! I took the top off of his nightstand and I decoupaged a bunch of pictures on top of it! I got some pictures from when we were dating and then engaged and then some of when Matthew was a baby and then when Kaity was a baby and then some recent pictures of us!
Then I made these magnets for him! I know its hard to tell, but it has pictures of all of us inside the marbles! I thought it would be nice for when he has an office or something to have these magnets with picture of us!

Sorry the pictures are so bad. We still don't have a camera and I'm still working with cell phone pictures!

Palouse Science Discovery Center!

On Saturday we went to the Palouse Science Discovery Center in Pullman! They were celebrating their 10 - year anniversary so they were having 1/2 prices and all sorts of fun activities and extra stuff there! Matthew and Kaity's favorite thing was the dinosaur pit! They had this pit full of lentils and you were supposed to dig up the fossils and they had a bunch of toy dinosaurs! They LOVED it! It was hard getting them to leave it to go and look at the other stuff there!
Petco came and set up some tables and had some kittens and dogs and stuff there to adopt! Matthew and Kaity love animals so much!
Kaity was very intrigued with this bird! It was a very talkative bird and Kaity just didn't quite know what to think of it! She could not get her eyes of it!
Of course being the boy that he is, he loved looking at the snakes and spiders and insects and stuff!
Once we got them away from the dinosaurs, they found this really cool car tracks setup! The colorful tracks all come apart and you can bend them in any direction you want. Matthew and Kaity loved this also! They thought it was awesome! They thought a lot of things there were fun! I'm glad that we went!

My Little Ganster!

Matthew found this hat the other day in a closet and put it on by himself. He insisted on wearing it like this! I had to get a picture because I thought he just looked so cute, like a little ganster or something! I don't know, I just thought it was cute!

Settin Up The Tent!

The other day we got really bored around the house. I can't really go many places with my broken leg and its starting to take its toll on everybody else. They are all getting very stir crazy in the house. So we decided to set up the tent just for fun. Matthew had so much fun helping Daddy set up the tent. It made him feel like such a big boy.

Kaity and Matthew thought that it was so cool once it was all set up. They went inside and just ran around.
We decided not to have naptime and we just had rest time inside the tent instead. We got every pillow and blanket that we own and a cupple of stuffed animals and made I nice cushioned little bed. I read my book (The third book of the Twilight Series) and the kids played and Jeff played around with them. We all had a lot of fun.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sad Story!

Well, its a sad story for me anyway! The other day I broke my camera!! :( I don't have a camera now! So I won't be able to take very good picture for a while! The only camera I have is my cell phone and it doesn't take good pictures and it makes them blurry if there is any kind of movement! So bear with me and my blurry pictures!

Topsy-tail Pigtails!

Here I was experimenting with this one! I made some ponytails from the bottom and the top and then used my topsy-tail and then when they met in the middle I made some pigtails. I then made them into braids! I don't know which one I like better! The pigtails or the braids! Any suggestions on what you like better?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Matthew's Birthday Cake!

Here's what I decided to do for Matthew's cake this year! Isn't it so pretty? Thanks Sarah for the link to this website! I didn't trust myself to do the frosting! I'm very bad at frosting cakes! So I asked my sister Tara to come over and help me! She made it look so easy! Thanks Tara! The whole time we were decorating it Matthew was right there next to us just watching! It took like an hour or so and he just sat there watching! I was actually suprised that he lasted the whole time!

Matthew's Birthday Party!

Saturday, June 6th, was Matthew's Birthday! I now have a 4 year old! It just seems so crazy to me! I don't even feel like I've been married for 4 years let alone have a 4 year old little boy! He has been so excited for his birthday ever since my birthday in May! Everyday he would wake up and ask "Matthew's birthday today?" and I would have to say "No, not yet"! (Everyday!!) We had a nice party for him! All his aunts and uncle and cousins that live close by come over, and his Mammaw from Priest River came down to Moscow just for him! For his birthday, Jeff and I decided not to get him a big birthday gift. We decided to get him a bunch of little gifts. His favorite part is unwrapping the gifts so we wanted to make sure there were lots of gifts for him to unwrap! He absolutely loved it! Happy Birthday Matthew! We Love You!
I counted the times it took Matthew to blow out his candle and it took him 11 times to actually blow it out! Silly Boy!
We're so glad that you could come up Mammaw! You were a big help! Thanks!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Snail Shell Hairdo!

This one is supposed to look like a snail shell but Kaity's hair was a little bit too short in the front to be pulled back all the way! But you can still see how its supposed to look! I thought this was so cute when I saw it! It would also look a lot better if I was any good at french braiding, but I'm practicing! :)
Here are my butterfly clips that I made!
I thought she was making the cutest face here so I had to put this picture in! She was such a good sport while I was trying to figure out the french braiding thing! But by the end she was ready to be done!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Double W!

This is just a real simple hairdo that I found! They are supposed to look like Ws and then you add a cute little flower or something to the bottom! Hope you like!

By the way, all the hair clips and flowers and bows that you see on here are ones that I have made!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Knotty Hairdo!

I know it's been a long time since I've posted any hairdos but I've been laid up with my leg and all! I saw this hairdo on another hair blog and I really liked it! I fooled around with it a little bit and made it work with Kaity's hair! It was originally for longer hair! But I thought that it was just so cute! Hope you like it as well! If anybody would like to know how to do any of my hairdos just let me know! I can help you out!