Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cookie dunking!

Matthew learned how to dunk cookies all by himself. He had so much fun with it!!

Special Plate

We bought a plate kit to make a "special plate". You know for birthdays and other "special days"! We divided it up into four sections and each person got to draw their own little picture in their section. Here are some pictures of us drawing our own pictures. The kids loved this little activity except now Matthew thinks we get to color on all the plates!

Here's the finished masterpeice!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

University Cows

We went to go and see the cows on the University of Idaho campus and Matthew and Kaity weren't scared at all! They both just walked right up to them and the cows came up to the fence when we walked up and they just started petting them! Matthew even fed them some hay!

Ward BBQ

We had a ward BBQ tonight and someone brought a giant parachute and everyone was having a ton of fun with it. Matthew would go underneath it and just run around in circles. They both had so much fun, then they came home and both knocked out.

Dentist Trip


After !!
Matthew Got to go to the dentist for the very first time the other day. As you can tell by the pictures, he didn't exactly like it. He loved getting the new toothbrush though! The dentist said that his teeth are perfect! The only problem is that they're too perfect and there aren't any spaces between his teeth so there isn't going to be any room for his big to to come in. He said he'll probably need braces later on. Lets hope not!


We went to the arboretum one weekend, because the weather was so wonderful, and me and Matthew got into a grass throwing fight. (Matthew started it!). It was fun.

Bowman Family

Here is a picture of my family. Jeff is a student going to University of Idaho studying to become an accountant. He is at the end of his Junior year and is very excited to become a senior. Kaity is 15 months old and is learning how to do all sorts of things. She walking great and trying to learn how to run, but sometimes her legs are a lot faster than her body and she comes tumbling down. She's learning how to talk. just today she learned how to say 'ow' and 'dog'. Matthew is two years old. He'll be three in June. He going to start preschool in september, which we're all really excited about. Next week we're going to take a tour of his classroom. He's a very outgoing little boy. It seems like he never runs out of energy.