Monday, October 31, 2011

Scary Hospital Visit

So, when Tyler was 11 days old, I was trying to wake him up to eat because it had quite a long time since he had eaten last and we were still trying to get his weight up. The first thing that I noticed was that his tummy and chest were hardly moving from his breathing. Like barely! So I was trying really hard to wake him up and make sure that he was ok! (I'm a very paranoid mommy.) Well, I couldn't wake him up either. I was trying everything. He was just really floppy. If you picked him up his arms would just flop around. I even got a toothpick and poked his feet a little bit. I changed his diaper and washed his body with a cold wet wipe. Nothing. So about 30 minutes went by and not much of improvement. So I called my Dr. and he said to take him into the hospital right away. The whole way to the hospital he didn't cry or wake up or anything. When I got there, we got him naked and got his vitals all checked out and then he started waking up and acting like himself again. They had to clamp something on his ear to check his oxygen and they had to do some other checks and they had to put those sensor pads that stick to your skin all over his chest. It was very hard for me to watch. I was a wreck. I couldn't stop crying. They told me that we had to stay overnight at the hospital to watch Ty and make sure it doesn't happen again. I got there at 7:30 Sunday evening and by the time they were done with all the tests and got us all situated in a room it was 10:30. He cried pretty much the entire time! Longest night of my entire life! When we got there everything was fine and nothing happened again all night. He checked out just fine. So we got to go home the next morning.
 Aren't these pictures so sad! :(
My Dr. thinks that he might have had a mild seizure and he wants to make sure that little Ty isn't prone to seizures now, so this Friday we have an appointment with a Pediatric Neurologist in Spokane to have an EEG test done on him. Just to make sure everything is fine. He hasn't had any more 'episodes' since, so I'm sure everything is just fine, but it'll be nice to be sure.


Last week Pappaw came down to visit and help run kids to school and back. He also got to spend some bonding time with little Ty Ty! Don't they look so cute together. Their clothes even match! :) 
Love you Dad! Thanks for the help! :)

First (Home) Bath

I was very excited to finally be able to give Tyler his first real bath. I thought that it would help get him into somewhat of a schedule and get his nights and days on the right track. But it took awhile for us to actually get to give him his bath. After his umbilical stump finally fell off, we had to take him to the hospital over night (I'll explain later). Then after we got home from that, I got a bad infection and was pretty sick, so we had to wait until I got better from that. Then we finally got to give him his first bath! I don't know if it was a fluke or not, but that night he actually slept through the night. YAY!

He loved the first part of his bath. He just sat there soakin' in the warm water.

 I thought this pose was cute the way he has his hands on both sides of his face! I wish the flash wasn't so bright though!
  The second you start to wash him though, Look Out!! He HATES it for some reason. He'll cry the whole time until you get him out and hold him. Its sad.

 Then after you get him all lotioned up and dressed, he's a happy camper again!
The day after he got his first bath and slept through the night, he got circumcised and couldn't have another bath until the ring fell off. (Which ended up being a whole week later). After we could give him baths again, the sleeping through the night did not continue. It actually got worse. He would wake up like 3 times during the night and wouldn't want to go back to sleep. Hopefully that changes real soon! :)

Random Pictures

Here's Jeff with all 3 of his kiddos!
 I HAD to get a picture of Ty with this huge teddy bear. I have a picture of Matthew with this same bear when he was little.
 All 3 of my kids! I couldn't be happier! Aren't they so beautiful?
 I love this carrier that my sister got me! Ty loves it too! 
 Kaity LOVES brushing hair. Before all she had was her doll's hair to brush and fix. Now she has a real live doll that she can play with and brush his hair! :)

 Getting ready to go and get Matthew from the bus stop.
 All bundled and out in the cold waiting for Matthew to get off the bus.
 I just LOVE this picture! It makes him look so big. I love his big blue eyes and head full of hair.

 Here is a shot showing off my blankets I made for him. He's laying on the puffy pillow blanket and he has my faux chenille blanket over him.
 I love that he has enough hair to give him a mohawk :)

 He's looking a little cross-eyed in this picture, but I love the goofy look on his face! 
 Dead asleep on Daddy's shoulder!

Coming Home with Baby

Here's Tyler in his car seat for the first time. On our way home from the hospital.
 The hospital gave us an ice cream birthday cake for us to take home and celebrate Ty's birthday. It was yummy!
 My sister, Tara, was in town for my nieces baptism. So she was able to spend some time with Ty before she had to go back home.

 I have a picture of Matthew as a baby doing the same thing. Sleeping and grabbing his ear. I had to get a shot of this! :)
 Nap time with Daddy
 Playing with Kaity! 

Welcome to our home Tyler!

Picture Time

Before we left the hospital, they did a little tiny photo shoot for us. It didn't turn out the greatest. A lot of the pictures were blurry because he was awake and moving around a lot. But was got some cute ones. He was so little that the outfit we picked for him was just WAY too big, even though it was 0-3 months.

Here he is with Daddy getting ready for pictures.
Picture Time

  Then as soon as pictures were over, he fell fast asleep :)

My Little Ty Ty

Here are few face shots of little Tyler.

I loved this picture of Ty because I think that it is so cute how he is sleeping on his arm.

 He was awake and happy so I had to get a bunch of shots of his face. He is just the cutest little baby. 
 Big yawn. He's getting tired.
 I just LOVE all of his hair! I love little boys with hair. Its so cute!

Daddy and Tyler