Sunday, July 26, 2009

Girly Do's Hair Style!

Here's a hairdo that I came up with! It was pretty fun to do this one because one of my hair blogs does this cool thing called Photo Free Fridays! Its where she describes how to do the hairdo and then you try and do the way you think it looks like! Then she has a place at the bottom of her entry to add a link to your blog so that other people can go and see how you interpreted to hair do! Its reall neat to see all the different ways this hair do was done! This was what I came up with! And I absolutely LOVE it! I also made the bows that were in her hair! I had put blue elastics in her hair and I didn't have any blue bows to match, so I made some really quick! What do you think!

Happy Birthday Jeff!

July 24th was Jeff's 28th birthday! We had Cami and Tara and both of their families over for cake and ice cream! It was a lot of fun!

I can't believe they let ME carry the cake with my broken leg! I'm surprised I didn't drop it all over him!
He blew them all out in one breath!
Here are some of the kids that were there! Livia had a friend that came over with her! It would be a perfect picture if Sydney and Kaity were in there!
Tara got Jeff some Jalapeno Jelly! He had it on his mission on South Carolina and the only place that we can find it (where it tastes the same) is at Farmer's Market! But the last few times that we've gone looking for it, the jelly lady wasn't there! So, thank you Tara! Its already half gone!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun Twists!

Here's a new hairdo! The next time I try this hairdo I want to make the pony tails all the way around the head and then do the twists into the messy bun! Hope you like it!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Tonight we went to the stables between Moscow and Pullman to let the kids see the horses! Of course they LOVED it, just like I thought they would! The horses were so nice, too! As soon as the horses saw us coming they went to the edge of the gate and was reaching their heads as far as they could to get to us! If you would give another horse some attention, the horse next to us would reach over and nudge our shoulders with their mouth! It scared Kaity, but it was a lot of fun! Matthew and Kaity didn't want to leave! We will have to go back sometime soon!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Water Park!

About a month ago I won tickets to "Radio Night" at the Water Park here in Moscow! I thought by that time I would have my boot off I could actually go swimming, but oh well! Next time I won't jump over tennis nets! Well, when I went to go and pick up the tickets they miscounted and accidently gave me an extra ticket! And Kaity gets in free so I didn't need one for her! So I ended up with two extra tickets! (The only way you could get into the water park tonight was with the tickets that you win on the radio, so its not too crowded!) So I asked Krystal and Katelyn to come with me! Katelyn is 2 days away from her due date and I had a broken leg, so we could really swim! So the three of us sat on the side and just put our feet in, I could only put one foot in! But we had a lot of fun! And Matthew and Kaity had TONS of fun with Jeff! They absolutely loved it there! We haven't gotten to go yet this year because of my leg! Then when they all got too cold, we went to our chairs and cuddled the kids and ate pizza that they were giving away there! When we got home, Matthew and Kaity passed out in their beds! They were exhausted! Overall, Fun Night!
I thought that Katelyn would think this picture would be funny!
Here's Matthew 'sunbathing'! (At night) :) Thought of it all by himself!

Swimming Hairdo!

This is a hairdo I did for swimming! We were planning on doing a lot of swimming today so I wanted a hairdo that would keep her hair out of her face, and stay out of her face! This is what I came up with! I thought it looked cute! Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jeff's Little Accident!

I think that Papa Murphy's has a sick sense of humor! They put up a new stop sign next to their building and I swear they put it there just to see how many people they can get to hit it! Well, Jeff fell victim to this today! We're going to go and see Harry Potter tonight so we got a babysitter to come and we wanted to get them some pizza for dinner! Thats the whole reason Jeff was there! He backed right up into it! As he was picking up the pieces of our tail light he noticed that a lot of other tail light pieces were there as well! So, everybody, watch out for the stop sign the next time you go to Papa Murphy's!

Matthew's Ow-ee!

It was soooo sad yesterday! We went to the mall to walk around and basically just get out of the house! Then as we were leaving, Matthew ran through the door and was holding it shut so that Kaity couldn't open it! Kaity was really mad and was crying because Matthew wouldn't let her open the door! I reached out and helped her open the dorr a little and somehow Matthew's big toe got caught under the door and sliced a big chunk right in his big toe! :( He started crying and it was bleeding! Jeff took him to the bathroom to get it all cleaned up! Matthew kept saying that he had a BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG ow-ee! And then we asked him if his ow-ee was worse than Mommy's, he said, "No, Mommy's is REALLY REALLY bad!" Funny, huh! When he went to bed it was still bothering him pretty bad, so he got a pillow to prop up his foot and he said that he wanted to be like Mommy, because I still sleep with my leg elevated! The things that he thinks of just crack me up! He is the funniest little boy!

Day 2!

Here is her hair on day 2! Its still really curly and really cute! I definately will do the rag curls again! Its nice to have her hair curly without having to use any products or and heat! I recommended this to all of you as well!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Morning After!

Well, it looks like it turned out! What do you think? I think its very cute! I put in some clips to keep it out of her face! I hope you like it! Here are some pictures from all angles!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rag Curls!

I found this hairdo on! Its suppossed to make her hair super curly! I'll post pictures tomorrow after she sleeps in it and then I take them out in the morning! Keep your fingers crossed that they work-out! I did my own hair like this, but with bobby-pins instead of rags, and it turned out SUPER curly! Maybe a little too curly for me! If I ever do it again I will make the curls bigger so its not such tight curls!

My Super Hero!

Matthew usually has rest time in the afternoons on my bed reading books or whatever! One day he came downstairs after rest time and he had found one of my nightgowns and had put his arms in the straps and was wearing it like a cape! We thought that this was so funny! We never taught him how to do that and he doesn't watch any shows that have capes in them! I guess its just planted in little boy's DNA! It just comes natural to them!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swimming Saturday!

On Saturday we went to my sister's, Cami's, house for a swimming party! My other sister, Tara, came by too with her daughter to join in on the fun! Matthew and Kaity LOVED the swimming pool! Probably because of all the other little kids there to play with! I usually can't get Kaity to play IN the pool at home! She just prefers to stay by the side and lean in with her hands! Their favorite game was just dumping water from a cup into a strainer! Who knew that such an easy and cheap thing would be so much fun to them! As you can see I could only put one foot in the water! My boot got splashed so many times though! It was SOAKED by the time we were finished! :)

When we were all done at Cami's house we came home and rested a little bit with a movie, since we skipped naptime, and then the kids were ready for round two! We didn't get our pool out but the hose was just as fun to them! Some of the faces they are making are just priceless!
Do you remeber doing this? They are so funny!