Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun Braided Hairdo!

I wanted to recreate the snail shell hairdo that I did awhile ago and I did the first layer and then I decided to change it up a little bit! I really liked how it turned out! I'm not sure which one I like better now. This one or the snail shell one! I just really liked how this one turned out so I wanted to share it with everyone!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our New Apartment!

Since Jeff got a job at WSU then we are going to be moving to Pullman, WA! I've been looking everywhere for an apartment that we could afford and fit into! I was having a terrible time finding anything that we liked! Then I came across this place! I think that we might be getting this one! It has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and, of course, washer and dryer hookups! Which is a BIG necessity for me! I would like everyone's opinion on whether or not you like this place! Here are some pictures of it!
Here's part of the master bedroom! That other door leads to my very own bathroom!

Here's my kitchen! I love how its so open instead of the little hallway kitchen I have now!
Then right off of the kitchen is the dining area!
Here is part of the living room that leads out into the backyard! (It was very hard finding a place with ANY yard at all! So I was so happy with this little backyard!)
Here's the kids playing on the hill right outside the sliding doors!
And here the kids are at the bottom of the hill! Looks like we are going to do a lot of cardboard sledding this summer!

So what does everyone think?

Jeff's New Job!

Jeff has gotten a new job at WSU in Pullman, WA! He will be working in the Payroll Office! He starts on Monday and is VERY excited! Its technically his first 'REAL' job! Now he can take his last couple of classes that he needs to finish for free! I can even take some classes! I'm very proud of him for getting a job! Everybody wish him luck! :)

Matthew's Last Day of School!

May 20th was Matthew's very last day of Preschool! He's gone there for 2 years and now he is moving on to Kindergarten! I cannot believe that I have a 5 year old! Where does the time fly? He has gotten sooo big! On his last day of school they invited all the parents and families to be there and I actually lasted the whole time at the school! It was from 8:30-12:00! Jeff even made it for lunch!
Look how big he has gotten!

This was the morning circle time! Matthew always sits with his favorite teacher! I don't think he knew I was going to stay! Or else he would have sat with me! (At least thats what I tell myself) And of course Kaity is always right there with him!
Then we went outside to play! It was freezing, but you wouldn't know it by watching the kids! First we played with bubbles...
Then we played on the slides...
Then we played on the swings! This picture was taken right before Kaity fell out of the swing backwards! Oops! She didn't get hurt though!
Then we went inside and had some free choice time! Of course Kaity wanted to color and cut paper! She loves coloring! So then Matthew came over to color with us too!
Then we had dance time! Matthew got 2 of these ribbon things and said that he was a butterfly!
Then Musical James came and brought all of his homemade musical instruments! Matthew and Kaity loved it! I have never seen anything like it! He had made instruments out of all kinds of odd things! The kids had a blast!

It was a good practice day for Kaity! Next year she gets to go to Preschool! She is very excited! Matthew will be going to kindergarten next year! I can't believe that both of my kids will be in school next year! What am I going to do with my mornings? I guess its time to have another one, right?!?

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Arboretum!

Lat week we went on a walk around the arboretum for the first time this year! The kids loved it! And it was such a nice day! Matthew loved seeing the fish in the little creek! There were about 5 that just swam around in this area.
Matthew found a feather on the ground and then he saw these geese and their babies! He kept trying to return the feather to them! He never could reach them though! It was cute watching him try though!
Kaity wasn't feeling very good that day, so she basically just sat in the stroller and watched us have fun! Poor girl!
Matthew had fun climbing this tree! I even got up in the tree with him! He is a very good climber!
I LOVE this picture of Matthew and me! It was such a sweet moment!
This was a sweet picture of Jeff and Kaity as well! It was a great day!

Kaity's Curls!

I finally had a chance to put my curlformers in Kaity's hair again and actually had time to let her hair dry with them in! I love these curlformers! They are so easy to put in and take out! It was super easy in Kaity's hair also! They didn't bother her at all!
Her are the shots of her curly hair! The curls turned out perfectly! I love them! I think they turned out perfectly! I will definately do this more often on her hair!

My 25th Birthday!

My birthday is always right after Mother's Day! Its May 15th. So while I was already at my parent's house, we just decided to celebrate my birthday as well! I turned 25 this year, which feels crazy! I got a lot of nice gifts from everyone! Pretty much clothes from everyone, which is what I really needed! I've lost some weight, so I didn't have anything to wear! So it was really nice getting new clothes! Thank you so much everybody!
They gave me trick candles on my cake! I eventually had to pinch out the fire with my fingers! It was funny though!
This is how Kaity looked at the beginning of the party! I think she was upset that we made her come inside!
But she cheered up at the end! Isn't she beautiful!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Roasting Marshmallows!

While we were at my parent's house for Mother's Day, we had started up a fire roasted marshmallows and made s'mores! My parents have a fire pit in their backyard, so it made it really fun! I know this probably makes me sound like a terrible mom, but this was Matthew and Kaitys very first time roasting marshmallows! They loved it so much! Matthew more than Kaity! He loved throwing grass and garbage into the fire! He could have done that all night! They surprisingly didn't eat very many marshmallows! I did, however! It had been so long since I had a roasted marshmallow! They tasted soooo good! :) As you can tell in the picture below that Kaity spent most of her time on the trampoline behind us! Lots of fun things to do!
Sydney's marshmallow fell off her stick and landed right on this rock! And it was still on fire! I thought that it looked cool, so I took a quick picture of it!
The picture above is me taking a picture of myself, Jeff, and Kaity! The picture below is a picture of my brother-in-law, Mike, taking a picture of me taking a picture of myself, Jeff, and Kaity! Funny, huh!