Wednesday, April 25, 2012


While we were visiting my parent's we went to Stoneridge and went swimming! It was Tyler's very first time swimming. I was a little worried if he would like it because he didn't like taking baths without his baby tub, but he actually liked it a lot. It was a lot of fun watching him in the water. He was 5 months old when we went.

He did really well in his floatie too. He just sat there and enjoyed the water.

Matthew and Kaity had a lot of fun swimming, too! They could swim all day if you let them! They are so much fun!
I love this family picture of us! It would be perfect if Kaity was looking at the camera!

When we were all done swimming we went to get dressed and I realized I took Tyler to the pool with just his swimming diaper. I didn't bring any extra clothes or diapers. Thank goodness I had a blanket. I just wrapped him up in it and ran to the resort room. You can see him smiling though.


Two weeks before Easter we went up to my parent's house for a visit. My Dad's family was also up visiting from Kentucky. My Mammaw, Aunt and Uncle and Cousin came. It was so much fun to see them again. I haven't seen them for probably 10 years or more. It was great be able to introduce my kids to them. Here are a few pictures of everybody. Most of the pictures are in a resort that we spent most of our time at.

Here is my Mammaw with Tyler. She got Tyler laughing pretty good. It was cute.

Here's my Dad and Tyler

Here's Livia and Kaity hanging out in the condo after a full day of swimming and having fun

Cami and Ty Ty

Matthew eating pizza

Here's the sleeping corner. I can't believe that they fell asleep because it was so loud in the room, but they were so cute together.

Jeff and Matthew are actually watching tv but it looks like they are sleeping, too, so I had to get a picture of them as well.

Kaity and my Mammaw

My Uncle Phillip and me

My Aunt Shirley and Tyler

It was the first nice day in a long time so we went outside and played

And here is the whole gang together! :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day

This picture was taken on St. Patrick's Day this year. I thought it was a cute picture of the two of them together. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Johnny Jump Up

Tyler is finally big enough for a jumper! And he absolutely LOVES it!!!!!!!

He can get jumping so high and hard! It is so cute! Just today he started being able to turn his seat by himself! (The seat turns in a complete circle)  

His mouth is always open with excitement when he is in his jumper! So cute!

Fruit Popsicles

I found this idea on Pintrest (My new addiction)! We all LOVE them! And they are so easy to make. 

You just get the 5 oz paper cups and fill them with whatever fruit you want. I did Kiwi, Mandarin oranges, pineapple, and strawberries. Then you put just enough pineapple or orange juice till you can just see it over the fruit. (I used pineapple juice).  Then you put a wooden popsicle stick in it and then trow it in the freezer.

After they are frozen then you just run it under hot water for a few seconds and then it will just pull right out! Easy!

Tyler's Blankie

I made Tyler a fun little blankie! It was just two fabrics sewn together with some ribbon poking out all around the edges.  The ribbon is all different shapes, sizes, and textures. It was fun to make and Tyler LOVES it. 

Here he is with it. As you can see he is all smiles with it! :)

St. Patrick's Day / Crazy Hair Day

On the Friday before St Patrick's Day, Matthew's school was having crazy hat / hair day. So I got some green hair spray and made some bug clips and put them in his hair. So it looked like his hair was grass and their were bugs in it. He thought it was awesome!

Jeff even wanted in on the action and had me spray his hair before work, too.

Sitting Little Boy

He first started sitting up by himself in March at 5 months old. He couldn't do it for very long, but it was fun seeing him try to do it being so little! He is growing so quickly.

Tyler in the Swing

Here is Tyler at 1 month old all swaddled up and in the swing...

and here he is at 5 months in the same swing! It is crazy how much he has grown! He hardly fits in it now!

School Carnival

We went to Matthew's school carnival and had a really fun time. They had all kinds of fun things to do!

Matthew and Kaity raced each other on the obstacle course...

Matthew won. You can see Kaity in the back! She was close.

Tyler loved being there, too. There was so much for him to look at.

I love Kaity's expression on her face when she realized that she won the cake walk. It was cute. She was so excited

They got some balloon animals. Kaity got a puppy and Matthew asked for a snake. (Easiest ballon animal ever!) Kaity fell on the way to the car afterwards and popped her balloon. It was sad

Tyler kept trying to get the cupcakes

This game was so funny to watch the kids do. The ball was floating on air in front of them and they had to try and hit it. It was quite hard for them to do. I need to get them in sports to improve their hand eye coordination.