Sunday, September 18, 2011

37 Weeks 0 Days

My mom asked for another picture to show how enormous I've gotten. So here ya go mom! :)
Last week at my last ultrasound, my technician finished checking my amniotic fluids early so just for fun she did a quick measuring of the baby. Which I have been DYING to know how big this little boy has gotten. His body length was measuring 37 weeks (Which was a few days big. No big deal.) and his head and tummy were measuring 38 weeks 1 day (Which was over a week big. Still not that big of a deal, but its nice to know.) So he was about 7 pounds on Thursday! So he's measuring pretty much on track. I have another ultrasound on Thursday and they are going to measure him again and see how fast he's growing and if we need to do anything early. The only scary part was that the umbilical cord was up by his neck. So my technician took some pictures of it so everybody knows that its there and can keep that in mind. The end of this pregnancy is almost over and the beginning of raising a newborn baby boy is almost here! Its exciting and scary at the same time! :)

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kathy said...

Just imagine, there is a real live living baby in there. Love you my daughter and grandson.