Friday, September 23, 2011

37 Weeks 4 Days

I had another ultrasound this week. Everything still looks good and healthy. He is still a VERY active baby! Neither of my other kids ever moved this much. Its fun but can be painful at times. 
Here is a profile of the little guy.
 Here is a shot of his fingers holding onto his foot and his toes are close to his mouth, like he's sucking on his toes. It was pretty fun to watch him do this.
Here, his face is looking right at us and his hands are right in front of his mouth.
 Here he is looking right at us again, but his arms are crossed in front of his chest.
 and here he is looking right at us and hands are right under his chin.

They measured him this time and his head and tummy were measuring around 39 weeks (Big Boy) but his height is measuring at 36-37 weeks. So he's gonna be my short, fat little man! :) He was measuring about 8 pounds 1 oz. (give or take a pound). I'm excited to meet this little guy! It could be anytime now! Come on Ty! I'm ready! :)

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