Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Last weekend we went to the cornmaze here in Pullman! It was pretty fun! They had a little straw maze for the little kids to run through! Matthew and Kaity did it over and over again! They had fun!
Then we took our pictures in these wood frame things!
We got our faces painted!
Then on to the cornmaze we went!
Yeah I know! We're dorks! We actually asked someone to take our picture in the cornmaze! :)
We let the kids decide every direction that we took and we actually made it to the Exit! I was actually really suprised with how well Matthew navigated through the maze! It seemed he knew exactly where we were going!
Then we went and looked at the big tractors that they had next to the maze!

Later on that night we went with Cami and Mike and did the maze again in the dark! It was a lot harder in the dark! A lot more fun too! We actually got lost a couple of times and one time we accidently went all the way back to the beginning! oops!

Latah County Fair!

I know that this is really late! But I couldn't just skip it! So here it is! We went to the fair and it was just like all the other years that we've gone! The only difference was that Matthew and Kaity are finally tall enough to go on quite a few ride! Which was pretty fun! Matthew was even too tall for one of the little rides! So I wanted to go on one of the fun big rides with all 4 of us together! So I chose the Tilt-A-Whirl! I thought it was a pretty fun and harmless ride! Jeff told me that he didn't know if he could handle the ride because he gets sick pretty easy! But seriously its been like at least 10 years since he's even been on one of these kinds of rides, so I told him that he would be just fine and he needed to do it with us as our first family ride together! I finally got him to agree! We got on the ride, and everything started out just fine! Jeff was even smiling a little bit! Matthew and Kaity were having a blast, too! Then, all of a sudden Jeff said, "I'm going to throw up!!!!!!!" Let me tell you...I got scared then! All I could think about was that if he threw up, it would go all over the kids....and me!!!! So I started yelling, "Aim outside the ride!!" He got really pale, but he seemed to be holding it in for the time being! Then I noticed that he was wearing a hat! So I grabbed his hat and shoved it in his face and said do it in here! Good news: He didn't throw up!! Bad news: He was sick the whole rest of the night! We won't be doing that with him again anytime soon! Love you Jeff! :)

While we were waiting for him to feel better after the ride we all took some pictures!
After Jeff felt like he could walk again, we took the kids on some of the little rides! Look at Kaity's face! That looks like pure enjoyment!
This is what Jeff did the rest of the night! Sat on a bench wishing he could go home! Poor guy!

Waiting For The Bus!

I took this picture with my cell phone the other day while we were waiting for the school bus to come for Matthew and it was just so cute, I had to post it! It was all Kaity's idea to hug Matthew like that! I love Kaity's smile! I'm so glad that my kids get along so well together! They are truely best friends! I hope they stay like this forever!

Weekend at My Parent's!

A few weekends ago we went to my Parent's house in Priest River! It was a lot of fun! Tara even drove over from Seattle just for a weekend to see everybody!

While we were there, we had some issues with their trampoline! In the Spring the netting on the trampoline broke so the reattached the springs to the netting with zip ties! It seemed to be holding up pretty well! Until this weekend! All the kids were jumping on it at the same time! There was the first mistake! The next thing we knew, springs were flying in the air and falling all over the place and poor Livia had fallen all the way down to the ground, through the trampoline! Fortunately nobody got hurt! My parents had bought another netting for when the other one broke! So we pulled that one out and we discovered that they had sent my parents the wrong size! It was too small! Everybody wanted to try and make it work anyways! So after many blisters later, the netting was on the trampoline frame! We thought all was good so all the kids started jumping on it again! Then the legs started falling off, so all the kids got off and right after everyone jumped off, the whole trampoline frame twisted and bent and turned into this...

Lets just say, nobody got to jump on the trampoline the rest of the weekend! My Dad's words, "Stupid Trampoline!"

Kaity and Candyland!

Kaity and Candyland are no longer friends! We were playing the other day and Kaity was kicking all of our butts! She was at the very end of the game! Then she drew the candycane card! Which if you don't know, its towards the beginning of the game! She was pretty upset, but the funny part was, she looked at it, made a little stink face, discarded it, and instantly drew another card! The little cheater! But the funniest part was that the second card that she drew was the gingerbread man card! Which if you don't know, is the very first picture tile on the board! She was really upset then and we made her keep her cards! No more cheating for her! Lets just say, she didn't end up finishing the game with us! She got upset and walked away! We will have to have a little chat about sportsmanship! She is such a silly girl!