Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This post is for Matthew and Kaity's Grandma! She sent Matthew a bunch of winter clothes and they are great! Thank you so much Linda! We love all of them! This morning before school, I had Matthew pick out his favorite outfit to wear to school! That was a big chore! He couldn't chose! He loved the tractor shirt that he is wearing in the photo but he wanted to wear the black camo pants! They really didn't look good together! So I made him chose between the two outfits and this is what he chose! What do you think Linda?

After Matthew was done with the pictures Kaity wanted a turn! So here's her picture! She holding the remote because she was more than ready to watch her morning cartoons!

Thanks again Linda!

Priest River Weekend!

Last weekend we went to see my parents in Priest River! While we were there I bought Matthew and Kaity some wax fangs! Matthew didn't like his but Kaity did! Aren't we sooo cute here! :)
This is what Kaity wanted to do the entire weekend! She LOVES talking on the phone! She would be on the phone in the kitchen and then somebody would get on a different phone in a different room and talk to her! She loved it!
Here's Matthew playing doctor with Kaity while she is on the phone! He's listening to her heart!

Sticker Spots!

Matthew found some stickers the other day and placed them all on his face! When we tried to take them off they left giant red blotches all over his face where the stickers were! It just so happens that that same night we had a Parent Teacher meeting! His teacher actually pulled me off to the side and asked me if he was having an outbreak of something and if he should be there! She felt really embarrassed when I told her that they were from the stickers! He hasn't put any stickers on his face since then!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun Curtain Idea!


I found this idea from Better Homes and Gardens! All you do is hot glue some flowerheads to your curtains! I think that they are so cute for Kaity's room! She says something about them everytime we walk in the room! She loves them too!

Homecoming Parade!

On Saturday morning we went to the Homecoming Parade! It was a lot of fun just really cold!

Of course I had to get a picture of me with everybody! I was the camera man! So if I wanted to be in any, I had to take them myself!
Here's me and my Dad!
This was Matthew and Kaity's favorite float! Of course!!
I thought this was way too cute that Matthew stood all by himself with all the big kids waiting for candy! So cute!
Matthew LOVED the little ponies! They were adorable!

Halloween Night!!

There is a very funny story here! Kaity loves Matthew sooo much! She wants to do anything and everything that he does! So when she saw how excited Matthew was to be Spiderman, there was no way she wanted to be a princess! On Friday night, She was screaming and crying when I was trying to get her into her dress! She finally stopped when I pulled out the make-up! And of course Jeff is wrapped around her little finger, so on Saturday morning we had to go to Walmart and see if they had another Spiderman costume! Of course they didn't! We dug through all the costumes and couldn't find one! Then Matthew found the black spiderman costume and got very excited! So everything worked out! Matthew turned into the black, evil, spiderman and Kaity wore Matthew's good spiderman costume! This is the first year that they understood what to do and they actually went door to door by themselves! They were so grown-up!

Here they are with all of their cousins that they went Trick-or-Treating with!

Friday Night Halloween Party!

On Friday Night we went to my Sisters' Halloween party! We all dressed up for it! Matthew was Spiderman, Kaity was a princess, Jeff was a holey ghost, and I was a witch! We had chili to eat and then we had a Trunk or Treat! The kids LOVED it! It was the cutest thing ever to watch both Matthew and Kaity go to each person a actually say 'Trick or Treat'! This was the first year that they actually understood what they were supposed to do! I loved watching them!

Barbie Up Do!

This is how I did Kaity's hair for when she was a princess for Halloween! All you do is wrap the ribbon up with the hair and when you wrap the hair all the way up to the head then you have somebody hold the hair while you tie the ribbon down below the hair! Then you do a lot of hairspray and thats it! It was pretty easy and I think it looks very fancy! Hope you like it too!