Tuesday, February 7, 2012

4 Months Old

I can't believe that Tyler has already reached the 4 month mark! He is getting bigger everyday! Soon he's going to be crawling around. I just can't believe how fast this is going! 
Tyler is still very healthy and growing strong. He loves drooling and sucking on his fingers. He babbles a lot and LOVES to smile at just about anything and anyone. He is definitely my most happiest baby. He hardly ever gets upset and when he does get upset all you have to do is pick him up and he's happy again. I couldn't ask for a better baby!

He now weighs 14 lbs. 4 oz. and is24 1/4 in.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tyler's First Photo Shoot

My sister and her husband from Dean Photography gave me a photo shoot after little Tyler was born.I think they turned out great! We got some really cute shots of Tyler. Cami came up with some pretty cool poses and shots! We took these pictures when he was 1 month old.

I wanted to get some pictures of the top of his head to show off his double swirls.

LOVE this one

Thank You Cami and Mike!

Pregnant Photo Shoot

My sister from dean photography gave me a great photo shoot being pregnant. I never got around to putting any of the pictures on here so I thought that I would post them.

This picture was to show how I was VERY ready to have my little boy! :)