Monday, September 20, 2010

Palouse Empire Rodeo!

This year I was determined to go to a rodeo! I thought the kids were old enough to enjoy it and Jeff has never been to a rodeo that he can remember! I've always loved rodeos! When I heard about the Palouse Empire Rodeo in Colfax, I told myself that we were going to it! I now wish that I would have looked around more! It wasn't the best rodeo because the cowboys weren't very good! But it was still a lot of fun! Next year I think we are going to go to the rodeo in Lewiston! It sounds like a lot more fun!

When the sun went down, it got soooo cold! I was so glad that Jeff brought the blanket! We definitely were not dressed for the cold! We all barely survived! :)

I know these pictures are too far away and blurry, but I thought I should add some pictures of the actual rodeo!
This was taken before we even got out of the parking area! We were all very tired!
We were so tired that we even fell asleep driving home! :) Just Joking!

Palouse Empire Fair!

This year we went to the Palouse Empire Fair in Colfax! Unlike the Latah Fair (which is free) we had to pay $15 for our family to go, but that also included the rodeo! We realized that it was actually pretty nice having to pay to get in because it kept it from getting very crowded! So we could easily go wherever without stepping on other people! It was a pretty good fair, too! They had baby calfs that the kids loved petting! I never knew how soft baby cows are!
Here we are on the ferris wheel (Everybody's favorite ride)! Matthew and I rode together and Jeff and Kaity rode together!
Here's Matthew and Kaity getting ready to go on the roller coaster! They are so big!

WSU's Family Fun Day!

When I moved here to Pullman, I was very upset about it! I didn't like the thought of living in Pullman! I wanted to stay in Moscow! I have to say that I still think Moscow is a lot cleaner town and set up a lot nicer, but I have to admit that Pullman is starting to grow on me! They definitely have a LOT more family activities! It seems like almost every weekend they are doing something for families! And most of them are pretty fun!
Last weekend there was a WSU football game and the school put on this Family Fun Day! The whole track field was full of booths with different things set up! They had a bouncy house, which is my kids favorite thing! They love jumping! They had a giant inflated slide, face painting, hoola-hoops, an obstacle course, all kinds of different things!

Of course Matthew wanted a picture with all the cheerleaders! Kaity was too shy to take a picture with them, but Matthew jumped right up there!
They even got to take a picture with Butch the Cougar!
Jeff, Kaity and I got tatoos on our hands!
Matthew got a red paw on one cheek and a black paw on the other!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Elf Kaity!

Lord of the Rings Trilogy played on tv last week and I recorded all of them and have (slowly) been watching them all! The other day I was having fun with Kaity's hair and decided to fix it like Legolas (Orlando Bloom)! I thought it was a fun idea! I couldn't find any pictures online of the back of his hair so you're either going to have to watch the movie to see it or just take my word for it! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kaity's Very First Day of School!!!!

I can't believe that my baby started Preschool today! She is so big now! Today was the first time that I had Matthew and Kaity at school at the same time! I didn't know what to do with my time! :) Kaity was so ready for school though! She has seen Matthew go for the last two years and she has wanted to go for a long time! She was so excited! Can you tell from the first two pictures? She is all smiles!
Here she is standing in front of her cubby! So cute!
You can tell that she has an older brother! The first thing that she ran to was the car section! :)
I can't believe how well she did at circle time! She sang along to songs and she interacted with the teacher! In this picture she is raising her hand because the teacher said, "Raise your hand if you know the 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' Song! Her hand shot up really fast! I was so proud of her!
Matthew and I went to pick her up a little too early so we waited in the car! He's waving at the camera! Cute Boy!


I got pretty sick of how my looked! I thought it needed a little something different! So I decided to cut myself some bangs! The scary part was that I did it myself! They are supposed to be the side swept kind of bangs! I really like them! What do you think?