Thursday, July 2, 2009

School Bus Ride!

This was Matthew's second week going to school! He's going to Summer School every Thursday. Since I can't drive because of my broken leg, they come and pick him up and he gets to ride on the school bus! He loves it sooo much! He has so much fun on the bus. He comes home and tells me how bumpy it is! Last week it was so hard for me to let him go! He's only 4 years old and he's already riding the bus all by himself! :( Last week I really didn't think that he would go on the bus all by himself! I thought he would be scared to go without me, and I was nervous for him to go all the way across town. Its so far away. So I told myself that I would just see where the bus came to pick him up and then I would try next week. Well, the bus comes in the parking lot and parks RIGHT infront of my door! Then the teacher steps out to help them if the need help, so I couldn't get out of it! When he saw the bus he got sooo excited, as soon as I got his shoes on he was out the door and he was already on the bus before I could even stand up from putting his shoes on! I walked out to the bus and he was already strapped into his seat! I didn't even get a hug good-bye! :( He is so grown-up! So then this week I was all ready to talk some pictures (with my cell phone) of him getting on the bus! I was upstairs getting everybody dresssed when I heard the bus pull up and honk! It was 30 min. EARLY!!! I rushed to finish getting him dressed told him to go potty and then he booked it down the stairs! He started getting on the bus before he even had his shoes on! He's such a goof ball! The bus driver apologized for coming early! He says he sometimes losing track of the time and comes early! Weird! So in all the haste this morning, I once again didn't get any pictures of him getting on the bus, but Jeff was home when the dropped him off so we made sure that we were ready when he came home! He is just growing up WAY too fast for me! I guess I need to let go a little bit! Maybe I am too clingy! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Ritchie Family Blog said...

Wow! That is pretty crazy that the bus comes and parks pretty much right in front of your house! That last picture of Kaity and Matthew is so cute I think. I love that yellow outfit on Kaity. That is crazy that he is doing summer school... I don't blame you for having a hard time letting him go!