Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our New Camera!

Well, we finally got our new camera!!! YAY!!! My Mother-in-Law sent us a gift card for Walmart, to go and pick out a camera, for Jeff's and my birthday! I am sooooooo grateful! Thank you so much Linda! I am very tired of taking pictures with my cell phone! We took some random shots of the kids playing around with it! It did so much better than our other one! We were wanting a camera with a image stabilizer because the kids NEVER hold still long enough for a picture! I think we picked one, that was in our price range, that does really good with it! What do you think?

Here the kids thought it was fun jumping over the back of the couch onto the couch! I was pleasantly suprised that they don't look blurry! With our old camera, you wouldn't beable to tell what this is a picture of! It would just be on big blur!


Deans said...

The camera seems to be doing a good job. the pictures look great!!! I like the ones of the kids falling on the couch! At least you know it takes good action shots! Sydney has the same camera and she loves it too! Thank goodness for image stabilization!!!

~ Cami

Ritchie Family Blog said...

That is awesome!! What a good camera... those are some awesome motion pictures! Wish our camera could do that!!