Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pinewood Derby!

This morning our church had a pinewood derby. Matthew and Jeff made the car together and Matthew had so much fun with it! It was a great daddy/son activity!
Here's the finsished car.
Here's what Kaity and I did while the boys were making their car! Kaity was in the hammock, loving her life, and I was sitting next to her reading the fourth book in the Twilight series (Breaking Dawn) and rocking her!
Here we are at the church building getting ready to race!
Here they are waiting in line to race!
Kaity was sad that she couldn't go and be next to Matthew and Jeff! I know, it's so horrible staying with mommy! :(
We lost! We barely made it to the end of the track! But it was fun and a good experience for Matthew! After the racing we took the kids to McDonald's for ice Cream cones! They LOVED that! :)
Don't you just love Kaity's little ice cream goatie?


Melissa said...

I'm glad your two boys had such a great time together doing this. I think that's what it's all about man.
Plus the ice cream afterwards helps right.

Ritchie Family Blog said...

LOL... love the ice cream faces! Sweet car by the way. I am glad that Matthew and Jeff had a good time. I am so sad that we missed the derby too!! Sounds like it was lots of fun though.