Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Water Park!

About a month ago I won tickets to "Radio Night" at the Water Park here in Moscow! I thought by that time I would have my boot off I could actually go swimming, but oh well! Next time I won't jump over tennis nets! Well, when I went to go and pick up the tickets they miscounted and accidently gave me an extra ticket! And Kaity gets in free so I didn't need one for her! So I ended up with two extra tickets! (The only way you could get into the water park tonight was with the tickets that you win on the radio, so its not too crowded!) So I asked Krystal and Katelyn to come with me! Katelyn is 2 days away from her due date and I had a broken leg, so we could really swim! So the three of us sat on the side and just put our feet in, I could only put one foot in! But we had a lot of fun! And Matthew and Kaity had TONS of fun with Jeff! They absolutely loved it there! We haven't gotten to go yet this year because of my leg! Then when they all got too cold, we went to our chairs and cuddled the kids and ate pizza that they were giving away there! When we got home, Matthew and Kaity passed out in their beds! They were exhausted! Overall, Fun Night!
I thought that Katelyn would think this picture would be funny!
Here's Matthew 'sunbathing'! (At night) :) Thought of it all by himself!


Missy G said...

what a cute sunbather! i'm sure he ended up really tan from the moon :-)

how did the cute hairdo work out for kaity?

Deans said...

Wow, you got that post up quick! Wasn't that just tonight? you must have really had fun. I'm glad that things worked out for everyone. BTW - what's up with the "You might also like" posts after EVERY post! That is kind-of annoying. But I could see mom liking it and clicking on older links I guess. :)

~ Cami

bowmans bunch said...

I like the 'You might also like' links! The kind of the reason I added them! Go figure!

K8 said...

I'm so glad that you didn't have the saggy boob picture! Thanks for inviting me to come with you! I had a great time!! Next time let's get "ice cream" after! ;)

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Man... I was so sad when we couldn't go but that is awesome that you got to take K8 and Krystal. I love the picture of you three. What a fun night! :)