Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swimming Saturday!

On Saturday we went to my sister's, Cami's, house for a swimming party! My other sister, Tara, came by too with her daughter to join in on the fun! Matthew and Kaity LOVED the swimming pool! Probably because of all the other little kids there to play with! I usually can't get Kaity to play IN the pool at home! She just prefers to stay by the side and lean in with her hands! Their favorite game was just dumping water from a cup into a strainer! Who knew that such an easy and cheap thing would be so much fun to them! As you can see I could only put one foot in the water! My boot got splashed so many times though! It was SOAKED by the time we were finished! :)

When we were all done at Cami's house we came home and rested a little bit with a movie, since we skipped naptime, and then the kids were ready for round two! We didn't get our pool out but the hose was just as fun to them! Some of the faces they are making are just priceless!
Do you remeber doing this? They are so funny!


Aly Mosher said...

looks like a fun time!
p.s. i am commenting just for you : )

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Kaity's hair is sooo cute! Those are some fun pictures. I love pools!! How fun for your kids to be able to play with some of their cousins!