Monday, August 29, 2011

Miscellaneous Pictures

I had a few pictures that I took with my cell phone that I wanted to put on here.

Here are the kids at an indoor park playing. It was WAY too hot outside for me and I just wanted to sit down somewhere. So the kids had to play at this "baby park". They seemed to have fun though.
Here we were waiting for Jeff to get off of work.

 Once again, waiting for Jeff to get off work for lunch. :)
 I have to start going to the hospital 2 times a week to get non stress tests done and I've been having to take the kids with me because school hadn't started yet. So here is how Kaity spends her time at the hospital with me. Doesn't she look so comfy. :)
Here is the monitor from one of my non stress tests. The first (blue) line is the baby's heart rate and the second (green) line is what my utterus is doing. All those little bumps in it were my little contractions I was having. They say I have an irritable utterus because I have contractions like this constantly, but they aren't doing anything to me so its nothing to worry about yet.

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