Monday, August 29, 2011

Matthew's First Day of School

Matthew had his first day of school last Wednesday! He was so excited! He even woke up at 3:30 that morning and came and woke me up to ask if it was time for school. I have no idea if he ever went back to sleep.
The night before we went to his school for Back To School Night. There I was supposed to talk to the bus people and get all the bus information for Matthew, but the bus people never showed up. So I was just going to drive him to school the first day, but he insisted that he wanted to ride the bus. There are 3 elementary schools here and so 3 different busses come to our apartment to pick up kids. I knew they came around 7:30 , so we walked out there and waited for one that was going to his school! I was so nervous when he climbed on. I just hoped it was the right bus!
Here he is all ready for his first day! :)
 Kaity was so jealous. She can't wait to start school, too, but she has to wait until after Labor Day!
 Waiting for the school bus!
 After I got him on the bus I drove over to his school to make sure that he got to where he needed to be okay. When I got to his school, there were so many kids EVERYWHERE!! Of course I couldn't find Matthew anywhere. I just kept hoping that he wasn't stuck at some other elementary. When there was like 2 minutes till the bell rang he came running over to me! I was so glad that he found me! He said he was really excited, but he just looked so worried. So I asked him what was wrong and he wispered "I don't know where to go!" It was so sad! I barely had enough time to show him what line he was supposed to stand in and what bus to take home and then the bell rang and he just took off!
I can't believe that my little boy now goes to school for the whole day! It seems so long and he still seems so little to me. He loves it though!
Here we are waiting for Matthew to get home. I just hoped that he remembered what bus to get on to get home! :)
 He made it home just fine! (I worry WAY too much!) When he got off the bus, his face was red and the first words out of his mouth were "I'm so hot!" It was a pretty hot day!
 So, of course, we went to Lick's and got ice cream cones! :)

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Cami said...

The kids sure look cute on their first days of school!