Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Matthew Lost His Tooth!!

Matthew has had a loose tooth for EVER it feels like! The adult tooth was coming up behind his baby tooth instead of underneath it, so it wasn't pushing his baby tooth out. He actually has a dentist appointment set for next week to pull this sucker out! I'm so glad that it finally came out all by itself!

The story of how it fell out is actually pretty funny. This morning he was sitting in the living room eating his cereal and I got up and got him some water and then started to make my breakfast. I heard him take a drink and then he started coughing and choking a little bit. He seemed fine so I didn't worry about him. Then a few minutes later he came into the kitchen and asked me if his tooth fell out. I looked and sure enough, his tooth was gone. I told him it was gone and asked him where it was. He just looked at me and said, "I don't know. Where is it?" So the first thing in my mind is that when he was choking on his water he must have swallowed it. I was pretty upset that I wouldn't get to see his first loose tooth. He kept saying over and over again that he didn't swallow it. So I just kept saying, 'then where is it?' Eventually I got down on the floor and looked around his cereal bowl. There it was! Just sitting on the floor. Who knows how it got there, and who knows how Matthew didn't notice it. I'm just glad that I found it and Matthew is soooooo excited about the Tooth Fairy coming tonight! He's been asking me all day if he can go to bed yet. He such a cutie! :)

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