Monday, August 29, 2011

Lentil Festival

This year Jeff had to work on the Saturday of the Lentil Festival, but my parent's ended up coming up this weekend which worked out perfectly because they came with me to the parade to help out with Matthew and Kaity. It was a very long parade (over an hour) and it was a VERY hot day! I couldn't make it the whole time. I started not feeling very good. But it was fun and I'm glad I went, and of course the kids loved it and got tons of candy.
Kaity is upset in this picture. That was her red popsicle on the ground by her feet. She dropped it almost right away. Great way to start.
 We should have gotten someone to take a picture for us so my mom could be in the picture too, but here is a pic of us with my dad.
 My mom sat on the curb with the kids.

 Matthew was the only one that lasted in the sun the whole time. The rest of us retreated to the shade behind him. He was too afraid to move away from the curb thinking he wouldn't get anymore candy if he moved.

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