Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WSU Christmas Party

We went to a Christmas Party last weekend that WSU put on for all their employees. It was pretty fun! As soon as we got there we jumped in line to see Santa and Santa Butch! We were one of the first ones in line, and thank goodness for that because the whole reset of the night the line was so long that it was out the door!

 Here's Kaity sitting on Santa Butch's lap
 And then on Santa's lap. She told Santa that she wanted a puppy. I wish I could get her a real puppy. Thats all she wants. Santa had a broken nose or something. It was weird.
 Then it was Matthew's turn...
 Here he is telling Santa that he wants a really big dragon!

 They had face painting there. The girls doing the painting were actually really good. They made good pictures.

 They had all kinds of fun crafts. Our favorite one was making some ornament balls. They had some clear empty ornament balls and then we poured paint inside of it and let it drip down. We put a bunch of different colors inside and let them all swirl together. It was actually pretty cool and easy.

Here's how they turned out!


Kathy (Mom) said...

Wow! You did do a lot of posting. The pictures are adorable, and I can't tell that there is anything wrong with Jeff. He doesn't look as bad as you made it sound, he must be improving. Fun Fun pictures!

krystal said...

hey bowman, i just finally found your blog again! i don't know how i lost it. anyway, you look so beautiful in these pictures. you're very photogenic, i love your hair and glasses. jeff is one luck guy. hope you're doing well, i'm thinking of you.

Jeff said...

I know Im a very lucky guy. Heather is beautiful and fun to be with.