Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spyro The Dragon

Does anybody remember this game...
Well, it used to be my absolute favorite game ever! I have played pretty much all of the Spyro games. I think I got the Play Station just for this game. Well anyway, I was cleaning the other day and I found my old play station and the Spyro games. I pulled them out and started playing them again and before I knew it Matthew and Kaity were right there next to me. Very interested in the game. They had NEVER shown much interest in video games. I should have known that they would like it though. They like anything that has to do with dragons. So I let them play. They LOVED it!! Matthew does pretty good at it, too. Its cute watching them play it. They ask to play every single day. I have to set a timer for them to take turns because they both like it so much. It super cute!

The person not playing gets to hold my cell phone that is counting the minutes until they get to play again!
Matthew looks just like Jeff here! :)

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