Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa at the Horse Museum

We went to the horse museum to see Santa 2 weekends ago. I'm a little behind posting things. First, when we got there we got to decorate sugar cookies and then eat them.
 Matthew's eyes are always closed when I would take his picture. Drives me crazy.

 Then Santa rode up on his horse and greeted all the kids. For some stupid reason I didn't put boots on the kids and the snow was so deep. We got so cold.
 Then we all waited in line to sit on Santa's horse. Probably would have been better if I didn't have them sit up there together, but I was so cold I wanted to go back inside.
 Here we are waiting in line to sit on Santa's lap. They are still working on those sugar cookies that they decorated. If you take a really good look at Jeff's face in this picture, you can kind of see his 'Bells Palsey'. The right side of his face has stopped working. The Dr. says they are pretty sure that he will regain full movement back in his face, but it takes a few months. You can really see it in his eye. His eyebrow is a lot lower and his eye isn't as scrunched from smiling like his other eye. You can't really tell by the picture but his right side of his mouth doesn't work either.
And of course Matthew's eyes are closed again!
 Still waiting in line for Santa! Waiting Waiting Waiting...
 At last we finally made it to Santa Claus! Matthew was so excited to finally see him!
 This is the first year that Kaity wasn't afraid of Santa. She just ran right up to him and told him what she wanted. It was really cute.

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