Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

This is pretty much what we did all day! Matthew's new Spyro Skylanders game is actually pretty fun. Once Jeff and Matthew get started, there is no getting them off. Kaity even enjoys playing it.

Here's little Ty Ty getting ready to take a nap in his swing :)

Jeff and I even got some card games in.

Still playing Spyro...

We had lots of yummy food to eat. We had chips with bean dip, french onion dip, and guacamole. Summer sausage and crackers and cheese, chicken salad sandwiches, sugar cookies, muddy buddies. We had some really yummy meatballs and lil' smokies. And more! We just snacked all day!

I had them take a break from video games and play with real toys and books! I know I'm so mean! :)

Here's Kaity helping me put the clean dishes away! She climbed up there all by herself! I was a little scared, but she said that she could do it! She did great.

Tyler was so happy pretty much all day

He loves attention

Kaity asked if she could take some pictures so I gave her the camera and let her have at it! She actually took some good pictures. They are kind of dark, but I was surprised that the pictures are actually centered. Here are a couple:
Here is Matthew's game 'Portal of Power' with all the characters that he got for Christmas.

Here's Matthew with his game giving a thumbs up :)

Kaity told us to do a thumbs up! 

We talked to a bunch of Jeff's family members. They are finally catching up with the times and learning how to ooVoo! :)

After we put Tyler to bed, Matthew and Kaity were back on the Spyro game! You can tell that they are getting pretty tired by this point though.

Here's Kaity talking to Tara on the phone! She was really giving her an earfull. It was cute!


While the boys were (still) playing Spyro, Kaity and I were having fun with the camera and taking turns doing silly things! I'm not posting her pictures of me, but here are some cute ones of little Kaity

She has definitely hit the loony stage!

These boys LOVE this game!

Here's our family picture right before midnight

Kaity wanted to take a picture of us kissing at midnight. Jeff kept trying to get Matthew out of the picture, but I think it turned out so cute! 

Here's the countdown! 4 seconds left! :)

Right after the ball dropped, I ran and got a picture of little Tyler! Dead Asleep! Didn't even wake up from the flash!

Happy New Year! Bring it on 2012!!

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