Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Morning 2011

We had a great Christmas. We went to my parent's house again this year. Tara and Tamara were also there. We had a lot of fun over the weekend that we were there. Tons of great food to eat, fun games to play, and good company to talk with. The kids had a lot of fun as well. They got to play in the little snow that was on the ground and my parents just recently bought a Wii, so they were good! :)

Here are the kiddos in their new PJs that they got from their Great Mammaw! They have worn them every night since.

Matthew was wanting this Spyro Skylanders game for the Wii. Its actually a pretty cool game. You have the "Portal of Power" and you put the special characters on the portal. Whatever character is on the portal is the one that you're playing with. And its a 2 player game! Its pretty cool!

Kaity was wanting this interactive robot. Its from the Penbo and Friends collection and her name is Skylee! She saw a commercial for it and got really excited, mostly because it has a baby that comes out of the tummy! Ever since I had Tyler she has been obsessed with that! Its pretty cool though. It talks with you and the baby and it dances and rocks the baby and it walks and the baby is actually a remote control where you can make it walk to you, and it plays games.

This is what Tyler got! Its a 5-in-1 gym that lights up and plays music.

Matthew was way excited to see that he got his game!

Kaity was also very excited when she saw Skylee! 

For some reason Matthew and Kaity both wanted Santa hats this year. So they each had one waiting for them in their stocking!

Here's Kaity putting on her new lip gloss.

Tyler loves his new gym

Jeff had the BIGGEST jar of tabasco sauce I had ever seen in his stocking.

Matthew took time out of opening his gifts to show Tyler what was in his stocking! Such a good big brother!

Aunt Tara got Matthew an awesome two headed snake and a cool two headed dragon!

Here's Tyler with his gifts that he got!

I didn't get any pictures of it but Jeff and my parents went in together to get me the Kindle Fire! And I absolutely LOVE it!!!! Thanks guys!! :)

We got Matthew a giant stuffed Spyro doll! We thought it was awesome! He loves it!

Kaity is 'riding' her new pony.

Here's Tyler with the most awesome-est pillow ever that his Aunt Tara got for him! He unhappy in this picture, but he really does like laying on the pillow! :)

Here is Kaity with her presents

and Matthew with most of his presents

Then of course he went straight downstairs and started playing his new Spyro game! My parents only had one nunchuck for the Wii so Kaity couldn't play with him, she could only watch.

Kaity was so cute with Tyler. Wherever Tyler was you could be sure that Kaity was somewhere close! She takes good care of him! :)

Hope everybody had a great Christmas! :)

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