Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunnyside Park!

I have found my favorite park here in Pullman! Its Sunnyside Park! It has a nice playground with an awesome slide that the kids LOVE! It also has a duck pond that always has a lot of ducks! If you take some bread and sit down on the edge of the water, the ducks come out of the water and come right up to you and take the bread right from your hand! They have gotten our finger a couple times, too, but they were very gentle! The kids said that it tickled! :) It is mine and the kids favorite thing to do now!
This picture I thought was pretty cool! I was having some fun with the settings on my cell phone! And I discovered the panoramic view! I know its hard to see! You might have to click on it to make it bigger!

Here's Matthew feeding the ducks!
She was pretty excited!
Here is the cool slide that we love! Yes I said 'we'! Jeff and I have to go on it, too, when we come here! I know that sounds silly, but it is pretty dang fun! :)

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