Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lentil Festival!

On Saturday we went to the Lentil Festival here in Pullman! The first activity that we went to was the parade! We got there a whole hour early so we would get a good parking spot! We walked around on main street for awhile! They have this cool little fountain that we were playing in for a little while before the parade started! Kaity and Matthew would jump in the water and then jump out and make footprints on the sidewalk! Of course my klutz for a daughter fell when she jumped in the water and landed right in the mud! So we started the day of with her being wet, muddy, and very upset! And it didn't help that I couldn't stop laughing because it was soo funny! But she eventually cheered up and had fun, once she dried up!
There were a couple of stores that were giving out balloons and popsicles and water! Kaity accidentally let go of her balloon a few minutes after having it, so when I went and got her another one she wasn't NOT going to let it go!

I LOVE this picture of Matthew and Kaity! They both look so big and grown-up here! It would be a perfect picture if that balloon string was out of the way!
Matthew waved at all his favortite parade cars! Of course the fire trucks were one of the favorites! This was his first parade that he was actually agressive with getting the candy and toys! He actually made out pretty good! I have to be honest, I was proud of him! :)
There is ALWAYS a Spongebob Squarepants float!
When the parade was over they were doing a whole big thing at Reaney Park! I didn't get very many pictures there, but it was pretty fun! There was facepainting, the jump house, kid's shows, as well as a band singing for the adults, and all kinds of booths set up everywhere! It reminded me of a fair! It was pretty fun! The kids LOVED it! Its too bad that Jeff had to work all day! He missed out on all the fun!

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Kathy (Mom) said...

What a great mom you are for taking your kids to so many neat places! Love you