Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our New Apartment!

Since Jeff got a job at WSU then we are going to be moving to Pullman, WA! I've been looking everywhere for an apartment that we could afford and fit into! I was having a terrible time finding anything that we liked! Then I came across this place! I think that we might be getting this one! It has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and, of course, washer and dryer hookups! Which is a BIG necessity for me! I would like everyone's opinion on whether or not you like this place! Here are some pictures of it!
Here's part of the master bedroom! That other door leads to my very own bathroom!

Here's my kitchen! I love how its so open instead of the little hallway kitchen I have now!
Then right off of the kitchen is the dining area!
Here is part of the living room that leads out into the backyard! (It was very hard finding a place with ANY yard at all! So I was so happy with this little backyard!)
Here's the kids playing on the hill right outside the sliding doors!
And here the kids are at the bottom of the hill! Looks like we are going to do a lot of cardboard sledding this summer!

So what does everyone think?


Melissa said...

Hey congrats with the new job and everything.
I hope you love this place.

Roxy said...

I think this is a great place! I was sold after the washer and dryer hookups then I saw the kitchen and "dinning" area and that just closed the deal for me! Let us know if we can help you move we will be back by the 7th.

Deans said...

Looks nice! It's too bad that it's in "Puman" though! Although, maybe you'll like it there, plus the super Walmart will be there soon! Then I'll have to visit your town every time I go to Walmart! :)

~ Cami