Monday, May 17, 2010

The Arboretum!

Lat week we went on a walk around the arboretum for the first time this year! The kids loved it! And it was such a nice day! Matthew loved seeing the fish in the little creek! There were about 5 that just swam around in this area.
Matthew found a feather on the ground and then he saw these geese and their babies! He kept trying to return the feather to them! He never could reach them though! It was cute watching him try though!
Kaity wasn't feeling very good that day, so she basically just sat in the stroller and watched us have fun! Poor girl!
Matthew had fun climbing this tree! I even got up in the tree with him! He is a very good climber!
I LOVE this picture of Matthew and me! It was such a sweet moment!
This was a sweet picture of Jeff and Kaity as well! It was a great day!


Deans said...

I like ALL of your posts! We need to go scout out the arboretum. It's been a few weeks since we've gone and things weren't quite in bloom yet. I bet they are now though. I swear you do a post of Kaity wearing those same curlers every month though! They are cute in her hair though, and the end result is very cute (again) :) I also liked the post about Nydny! She does really good with littler kids. She is a good little mommy!

~ Cami

Anonymous said...

What a perfect day!!! Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

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